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How to use Google Now on Samsung Galaxy S4

We do not know how many of you have already put your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S4, but we are ready with new instructions on what to do on the phone. Predictive search application from Google is alive and feels like it could not be better on Galaxy S4, but there are several ways to get it fast.

How to use Google Now on Samsung Galaxy S4

On many Android phones with on-screen buttons, to have Google Now – search application controlled by predictive text or dedicated voice to Android 4.1 system or newer versions – takes a few drag up from the bottom of the screen. It is not as simple on a Samsung Galaxy S4, but it’s no problem, there are some quick and easy ways to get the new search application Google Search.

1. In any window you are, long pressing the HOME button to call the operations switch. Then click the G icon from the bottom of the screen in the middle.

2. Put a widget or app shortcut on the main screen. If you often use Google Now, it allows you to open from a single touch. Using a Google Now widget you can see cards without opening the application.

3. From the home screen, press and hold the menu button. You will go directly to the Google Search bar and under the search results you can see Google Now cards.

None of the variants is as fast as the swipe gesture, but if you get used to how Google Now works on the Galaxy S4, it is still easy to take advantage of all the benefits of the application.

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