Make your android device read the content in webpages for you


This is an app that reads the webpages content for you. This is the work of one talented developer that seeks to make our life easier. This app will make your work mush simpler, because you will not lose time or get tired to read a large content. This is meant for Android devices and you’ll see it is very useful because reading from an Android really hurts your eyes and you will just have to listen the content from now on. This app supports currently just Android 4.0+ and Chrome. You can get the free version of the application from XDA website, because this is the result of an XDA developer. If you want to help the developer to create better versions you could buy the app from the Play Store.

The size of the app is just 1.08 MB, so you don’t need much space free. You will not regret if you download it and browsing will be much easier with it. You will free yourself of making your eyes hurt when you have to do some read work. This app works only on Android 4.0+ and Google Chrome, as mentioned above. Will be added by the developer a lot of new features like supporting Android 2.3 + devices and many other browsers. So let’s show you how the application works.

  1. Download the app. I told you above where you can find the app.
  2. After you’ve done downloading it, install it on the device.
  3. Next Open Chrome and a webpage on it.
  4. Keep the device aside and select the text.
  5. This is it. Now your device will start reading the selected text.

A feature was added by the developer that, when you shake the device the reading will stop. A lot more features will come up in the future. So don’t wait anymore, download the app now while it’s free.

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