Control Your PC With a Samsung Galaxy S4 Device

What if you could change your computer’s YouTube playlists without ever leaving the comfort of your bed? What if you could pause your favorite movie without having to even touch your keyboard? And what if you could take advantage of Windows 8’s touch-based features without ever owning a touchscreen display? All that and more are possible with the help of your Samsung Galaxy S4 and a little application called Splashtop.

By installing the Splashtop application on your Android-powered device and the Splashtop Streamer application to your Windows or iOS computer, you will be able to take complete control over your computer by just touching you smartphone’s display. With features such as enabling Windows 8’s awesome touch interface, it won’t be long before you start recommending Splashtop to each of your friends or just bragging about it whenever you get the chance.

You’re In Hong Kong and your PC is in Bucharest? No problem!


While the application is available free of charge for personal use, it does come with some limitations such as having to connect to the same wireless network as your laptop or PC. Extra options in terms of both speed, quality but also connectivity are available upon purchasing the professional app. The professional version not only comes with overall improvements to the way it streams your PC’s screen to your smartphone’s display but also allows you to connect to your computer by using any Internet connection. No matter where you are you will be able to access your files quickly and easily.

And if you like PC gaming so much that you need to play even while waiting for your doctor’s appointment, keep in mind that there is a second application called the Splashtop Remote PC Gaming THD that does just that: it allows you to play games such as Civilization 5, Call Of Duty, Diablo 3 or even StarCraft 2 directly from your tablet or smartphone.

It is very easy to install as well: install it on your phone, install the streamer on your PC, register a free account and congratulations: you’re done!


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