SmartyPins – Google’s Way of Teaching You Geography

Google Maps is basically Google’s response to an age old question: if a person leaves point a and goes on a straight line to point C, while another person leaves point C and gets to point B then to point A, which of the persons gets there quicker? While in the past, the answer was a simple mathematical equation, nowadays you will find people taking out their smartphone and searching Google maps for the fastest route taking them from point A to point C.

A web mapping service used by both mobile devices and desktop computers, Google Maps comes with a lot of interesting features such as Street View which allows you to basically walk everywhere around a town without ever having to go there, a reliable GPS tracking system, traffic information and… games. Or, “a game” to be more precise. Yes you heard me right: Google Maps now gives you a game to experience if you’re tired of all those Tower Defense games that you find on Android or iOS devices.


Dubbed SmartyPins, the game is basically Trivia with a Google Maps spin. Instead of points you get miles and you’re penalized depending with how many miles you were wrong when answering the question. Answering said question is done by placing pins which indicate where a specific location is situated. In doing so, Google has managed to solve another age old question: how to make studying geography fun. I know I know, some of you like geography very much but for those of us that were always more aware of what happens around them instead of in another continent, this might just have what it takes to get geography classes the respect they deserve.

If you want to give SmartyPins a go but you don’t have a smartphone, you’re in luck: the game is available on your desktop computer as well. Just visit Google Maps!


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