How To Install iGO GPS App On Your Android Device?

Most Android phones benefit from a GPS module that locates precisely on the map the position of the device. Android phone can be a navigation device, like a dedicated device that is sold commercially for about $100.

Installing iGO navigation app for Android devices is relatively simple but requires a few more steps than an apk application. Unlike Google Maps which require internet connection, quite expensive when you are abroad, iGO for Android works on GPS positioning information and maps stored on the memory card.

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How to install iGO GPS for Android phone?

Buy and download the iGO My Way software for Android OS. The package can be found on various Online Store websites and can be downloaded on your computer. Unzip the package (if needed) and name the folder with the application – iGO.

  • Download the file with iGO My Way Resolution

Also from the Internet download the file with the resolution of the phone you want to do the installation on. For example, if you have iGO for Samsung Galaxy S phone download the file called “iGO [800×480].apk”. If you have another type of phone you can browse the official specifications and screen resolutions to download the corresponding apk. (E.g., for a mobile with 240 x 320 pixels, copy “iGO My Way 240 × 320.apk”).

  • Copy the iGO My Way on the memory card

Connect your phone to the computer via microUSB cable and copy the iGO folder on the memory card. Copy the folder in the root and not in another folder. Also from the memory card the resolution file will be copied.

  • Install a file manager

Go to Google Play and install a file manager. We have chosen Astro File Manager but you can use any File Manager you want, File Expert or whatever.

  • Install iGO My Way on your Android Phone

Once we have ensured that the iGO folder and apk file with the resolution are on the memory card, access the File Manager and click on iGO -resolution-.apk to start installation. Files can have different names than the one in the article, depending on the iGO version you are installing. Check the requirements of the application and finish the installation.

iGO My Way works flawlessly on Android phones, we can say that it works better as navigator due to superior processing power of the phone. Maps, translations and radar location list can be updated manually by copying the files in those locations. For example, if you want a map to another country copy the country.fbl file in igo/content/maps.

If problems occur during installation on the card, delete any files related to iGO, including the “device.nng” file and then restart the installation. We have installed the app really easily and you can do the same. If you have any questions regarding iGO GPS app for Android please let us know in the comment section below.

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