Top 10 Free Games for iPad and iPhone

Tractor Crew

1.     Tractor Crew

Brought by Kurius Games, TractorCrew, released on Jul 18, 2014 is the next captivating tractor game for mobile. To clean the environment of toxic waste, you control various tractors and trucks. There are over 100 progressively challenging levels and you have available 7 tractors and trucks. The environment is realistic physics-based and HD graphics. The game is also kid friendly.

2.     Darkside

This is a shooter game placed around planetoids. Your powered-up ship seek to eradicate all that is around it. This free version gives you only the arcade mode, but you could benefit of survival mode, smart bombs and unlock missions for 1.99 $ US.

3.     Smash Hit

This game is surprisingly atmospheric and it’s about smashing everything. You have some metal balls that float through the void that are thrown in some crystals and you get rewarded with more balls. You must decide which glass is about to collide and you smash it. New levels brings you surprises, from intriguing new obstacles through to lurching camera angles and power ups.

Frisbee Forever 2

4.     Frisbee Forever 2

Frisbee Forever 2 is about flinging a plastic disc through the air. You must collect stars by keeping your disc on the right path moving left and right. It is a Nintendo-style charm about this game. The marvelous environments keeps you playing. There are lost ruins, looming snowy cliffs and pirate ships anchored at desert islands.

5.     Royal Revolt

Royal Revolt is about a Prince that is sent to learn about magic in Bogsmarts. His kingdom, with a total of 58 castles, is about to be carve up by unruly relatives while he’s gone. The Prince took his army in order to free the kingdom and they are smashing and using magic in their way to victory.

6.     New Star Soccer

If you’ve ever dreamed about you being the next Wayne Rooney, New Star Soccer is the game for you. Scoring goals, intercepting passes and working hard is the way for you to get to the top leagues. This is perfect for mobile play.

7.     Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

This is a version of the victories over the bally enemy of World War I ace pilots. You must think the best strategy to find a way to the best locations for yelling “Chocks away!” and destroy all the enemies. It’s like a chess in the clouds.

8.     Smash Bandits

If you’re stuck on motorways for so many times and you have only one thought, to smash everything around you, this is the game for you. In this game you can destroy anything smaller than a building, acting like a total maniac. You could get cash for upgrades by racking up TV viewing figures. You could create even more chaos if you crash, because you can steal a SWAT van or a police car.

Smash Bandits

9.     Cool Pizza

Cool Pizza is a skateboarding game and it’s a bit of a departure from the Tony Hawk template. The skateboard, which is haunted, is thrown into the depths of the underworld. There, a pizza-delivering girl must smack fighting devils by using boost mats to launch into the air. She must smack the fighting devils with her board.

10.  Punch Quest

In this game your character is leaping about like a deranged bunny. Here, the heroes find their way to victory by punch. To defeat evil all you need is two thumbs and eight fingers. You will discover a dinosaur to ride and power ups.

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