How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S4? Step-by-Step Tutorial

You have finally bought your new Galaxy S4 or any other Android device and made the switch from iPhone’s operating system iOS to Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Operation System. But one thing really irritates you i.e. transferring contacts and other essential things which you cannot live without. It feels insanely difficult to transfer contacts and when you go out to some shop to get things done they just ask you $$ for their services, which we think is such an easy task. Here we’ll discuss how to transfer contacts without any hassle no matter you are on Windows or Mac.

How to transfer contacts in Windows :-

  • Make sure you have iTunes installed on that PC , have your old iPhone and data cable plugged in.
  • Open iTunes
  • Under the Info tab, choose Sync Contacts with Google Contacts.
    how to transfer contacts from iphone to galaxy s4
  • Enter your Gmail username and password and wait for it to get sync.
  • Once it finishes, open your Gmail account and look under Contacts to make sure they appeared.
  • On your GALAXY S4 or HTC One or Note III or any other new android smartphone  GO TO Settings -> Add account and log in to your Google account, making sure to check Sync Contacts under Sync settings.

If this is not the way you want to transfer your contacts, then you can install Kies and Connect your Galaxy S4 to PC, its your wish you want to wirelessly connect to Samsung’s Software Kies or using a cable. Read : How to connect Galaxy S4 to PC

kies_how to transfer contacts from iphone to galaxy s4

Through Kies, you can select your device which is Galaxy S3 or S4 or Note 3, click on the Sync tab, and choose which account you want to sync your contacts with under Personal information.

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