Buying Tips for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Buyers

So, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has already replaced its predecessor by now. With many of the customers thinking about buying this great device, there are some important things that customers should know before they buy this great device.


Thanks to a fantastic launch, brilliant marketing campaign and superb specifications, Galaxy Note is no longer a niche product and is very appealing to any average customer. It is surely going to be a huge hit in the coming days and the buzz revolving the device is already too good. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 boasts of some great specs including a huge 5.0 inch 1080p display, great Snapdragon 800 processor and upgraded 13 MP camera which is supported by Android 4.3 OS. The new features inkling Air Command and S Pen software further enhance the utility of the device. Following are some great tips for buyers who are palling to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Don’t Wait for Color Options

The buyers who are not yet thrilled with the usually black and white color options are going to wait for a long time to get hold of this device. At the launch event, Samsung announced Galaxy Note 3 in various colors including black, white and pink. As several carriers have shown unwillingness to carry the new color, it may take quite some time for the device to come in market. Even though there are rumors that more colors will be introduced soon, but they are long term plans. Thus, you should not hold on for new colors. If you are so fond of colors, then you can easily get a nice S-View case for your device.

Avoid Waiting for Smaller Carriers

You need to acknowledge the fact that Galaxy Note 3 is not Apple iPhone 5C or 5S and it may be hitting the bigger carriers but you won’t see it soon for the regional carriers. It may take several weeks for them to come out with Galaxy Note 3 deals. The same happened with last version of Note as well. As the Galaxy Note becomes too expensive for the carriers then don’t show much interest in the deals of the same. Thus, you should plan buying from bigger carriers.

Make Sure You Have The S Pen

There are a good number of people who are buying this device just because it features among the biggest displays in the market. Even though the big displays are nice but a fact is that it is not only confined to Galaxy Note only. Buyers should not just look at the display but also the unique feature of the device, i.e., S Pen. This is a bundled stylus which comes with Note 3 and allows the user to write and draw on the screen of the device using various unique and highly useful apps. Not many people make use of S Pen, however it is one such feature that has got great potential and can be of great use.

Go For A MicroSD card

The microSD card slot in Galaxy Note gives this device a superb advantage over the others. Beyond the 32 GB of internal storage, you can utilize to up to 64 GB of space using a microSD card. Even though there are some limitations of the memory card, but it can cater to most of your memory storage requirements. By using a microSD card you can keep your internal storage free so that the processes run smoothly. As these memory cards are cheap, there is absolutely no reason why you should be hesitant in buying them. This is something that you should buy along with the device, or shortly after buying it.



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