How To Activate The Street View Service In Google Maps From An Android Device

Google offers Google Maps navigation application, which is one of the most popular and widely used applications of its kind in the world and within it you can use the Services in Street View that lets you explore places around the world with 360 degree images at street level.


If you try to use Street View service on your smartphone or tablet, you will notice that there is a dedicated button to access it in Google Maps and for using it you only have to follow just a few steps, as in the tutorial below:

1. Open Google Maps to the location where you want to use Street View service:

2. After you have found the location where you want to use Street View service, choose exactly the point on the map from a simple touch of a few seconds, the application displaying a box with some information about the place.

3. After Google Maps will display the information box on the chosen site, visit Track the box by a touch, the application will open a new window that provides more options for a selected location, including Street View service, which you activate by touching the associated icon.


4. Maps will display the Street View service and see the location from the street level with 360 degree images.

If you follow the tutorial steps above you will be able to access the Street View service in Google Maps application very easy on the tablet or smartphone. Street View is one of the most interesting services offered by Google through which you can explore monuments, you can see the wonders of nature, you can browse the itinerary of a trip, you can get in restaurants and other popular locations, and of course you can visit almost any city in the world.

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