How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4


To some people, hard reset means to force something off while others refer the term hard rest as a way of initiating a device to its factory default settings. Depending on whatever your definition of hard rest is, I will walk you through how to perform a Hard Rest for Samsung Galaxy S4. (This will make your smartphone as new)

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 By Forcing It Off

You can force your Samsung Galaxy S4 off by simply pressing and holding-down the Power button for about 10 seconds until the device is turned off.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 To Factory Settings

This is the second type of hard reset, where you restore your device to it’s original factory and default settings. You can perform this by following any of the steps below.

Note: By initializing this process, you will loose all the data stored in your phone’s memory. All settings withing the apps will be lost. You will only retain the data on your SD card; like your music, photos and videos.

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Step A: From Phone Menus

If you can play around the menus of your phone, simply use the steps below to restore your device to factory settings.
1. Open Settings.
2. Select Accounts.
3. Select Back up and reset.
4. Tap Factory data reset.

Step B: From Phone’s Startup 

This method is performed only when you do not have access to your phone menus. Basically, it is performed when your phone doesn’t start up properly.
1. With the device powered off, press and hold both Volume buttons, then press and hold Power.
2. Hold all three buttons until you see the screen come on.
3. From the recovery screen, use the Volume Down button to toggle the selection to wipe data / factory reset.
4. Press the Home button to select the highlighted option.

If you  followed the steps correctly, you should successfully Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S4. You can also learn how to connect your Galaxy S4 to your Pc.

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