How to Stop Galaxy S4 Deleting E-Mails after Reading

Galaxy S4 email issueRecently many users have stated an unusual complaint against the Galaxy S4 regarding its mail app. According to the users, the app had deleted all of their e-mails, right after they finished reading those. Other owners say that after closing the mail app once, all their mails would disappear. At first, these talks didn’t make sense and as the search went deeper for a solution, it was discovered that the problem wasn’t caused by any glitch per se.

This incident occurs when the mail account is integrated into other devices where the mail client initiates a deleting process of all the mails without making copies at first and leaving them. All the mails disappeared simply because there was nothing for the phone to show.

To get rid of this problem, follow these steps depending on the mail client installed on your other devices.

  1. At first, select Account Settings.
  2. Then, go to Advanced Settings.
  3. You’ll find the ‘Leave a copy of messages on the server‘ box under the ‘Delivery’ tab. Check it.

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  1. This is completely incorrect. I only have email configured for pop on one laptop. I can leave my laptop off and not download a single email. Send a test email from another account to the email account configured on my phone. It arrives I read it and then go back to the inbox and its gone. No client settings other then phone settings.

    • Hi JohninSAL,

      Thanks for you feedback. The matter of fact is, the issue is not with all phones and basically the issue is with the FTP server of some of the users. Sometimes, you need to configure your devices to receive updates on each one of them. That is where the problems arose. Hope it clarifies why it hasn’t happened to you.


  2. I get emails on my s4. After reading them I sometimes want to go back to relook and they are gone. my iphone would allow me to keep the emails on my phone even after reading and after downloading them on my pc. up to 200 emails before a new email.made the oldest drop off. how come this does not happen in the s4?

  3. The emails still disappear regardless of another computer downloading the email. Leaving the email on the server will fill up server email box space over a short period of time. so that is not an option. It is definitely a flaw in the driod software.

    • Bill Reddington

      From reading you repost you still have the issue. Called Samsung. They want me to send in phone to get it reflashed. No phone for up to 11 days. Not a good solution

  4. I also have the same problem on the samsung galaxy S 4 phone. The emails appear and then disappear without being read. Vodafone. Samsung and Virgin media all dent that such a problem exists but this is clearly not the case. Has anyone found a satisfactory resolution?

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