Remove Location From Your Android Photos

If you’re all about your privacy and don’t like when others are all up in your business, then you should definitely check this out. Today’s smartphones are capable of amazing features, but even the simple ones are a little more complex than they seem at first. For instance, did you know that the pictures you take can be geo-tagged, meaning that they pretty much give away your exact location? Well, they do, and if it doesn’t show in the actual image, you can be sure that it’s going to appear on the picture’s metadata. Now  you might not be ok with that, so here’s how you can tweak your settings to get rid of that information provider.

To make sure your location will not be compromised every time you feel like taking a quick picture, you have to go to the camera app. Now that you’re inside the camera app, it’s time to go to the Settings . From here, access the tab on the right. Now you should be able to see the Location tag option. Be sure to check that out and disable it if it was enabled.

You can repeat this little process if you want to make geo-tagging available again. This will prompt you about what the feature implies, including the fact that it will give away your location.

There is a crosshair icon in the top side of the display while in the camera app. That means that the location tagging feature is enabled, for some reason.

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