Samsung Galaxy Alpha-How To Restore Your Personal Data

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha hasn’t been out for a relatively short period of time, but it also became the daily drive for a lot of Android consumers. The device’s build and features make it a delight. However, no one really sticks to the default configuration of a phone, as we all add our own personal touch to the device, making it our own. From time to time, you may be faced with the possibility of having your personal data put at risk, so it’s best if you know how to restore it. We’re providing you with this guide explaining exactly how you restore your data on your flashy, new, Galaxy Alpha.

How to restore your applications

– Go ahead and log into the account used to initially backup the data, whether it’s your Samsung or Google account, if you have too.

– Next, you need to access the Accounts section of your phone. You can do this by going into your Settings, than tapping on User and Backup.

– From here, choose the appropriate account, whether it’s your Google or Samsung account.

– Find your emails address and tap on it. Next, select the Sync All option.

– From here, you need to go back to the User and Backup screen, and select Backup and Reset. Be sure to check the boxes for Automatic Restore and Back up my data.

Restoring Your Contacts

If restoring your contacts will be done through your Google or Samsung account, so log into the appropriate one if necessary, then follow these steps:

-To get started, go to the Settings page of your Galaxy Alpha.

-Next, go to the User and Backup section that you have accessed before, only this time go for the Accounts sub-menu.

– Next you will need to select wither your Samsung or Google account, depending on which holds the initial backup.

-Continue by selecting your email address from the top screen.

– Last and finally, check the box saying Sync Contacts, then tap the Sync Now option in order to start the process.

Here’s how to restore your contacts from the SD card:

-Make sure the SD card holding the backup is in its place in the device.

– Go to your Contacts tab from the Contacts app in your Galaxy Alpha. You can get there by going to the menu then to the Settings page.

– Once there, use the Import/Export from SD card option . Finally, if prompted, choose which account the contacts will be imported to.

What about getting back your media content?

How to restore from an SD card

– From your Galaxy Alpha’s app list, select My Files. Once there, choose All Files.

-Next, tap on the SD Card and Menu.

-Mark the files you want restored by first tapping the Select option, then individually tapping the check boxes next to the respective files.

– Tap Menu once more, and use the Move option. Next, select Device Storage and complete the process by opting for Move Here. You can also create a new folder by choosing, of course, Create Folder.

How to restore from a Mac computer

-For this, you will need to have the Samsung Kies application installed on your Mac.

-After you install it, connect the phone through a USB cable to the computer, and choose Connected as a media device from your Galaxy Alpha. You can do this by pulling down the notification bar and choosing the respective option.

– From Kies, on your Mac, select Backup/Restore,  and then Restore.

-Next, you will have to choose the file types that will be restored. You can use the Select All option, or you can individually select only specific types such as Music, Photo, etc.

– Click on Restore to start the process. Follow the on-screen instructions if you receive any additional pop-ups. When done, disconnect your device from the computer.

How to restore from a Windows PC

The process for the PC is a bit different, as you no longer need Kies to get the job done.

-Connect the device to your computer, then select Open device to view files on your PC, when prompted.

-Find the backup files on your PC, then copy them to the appropriate location on the Galaxy Alpha.

-With a simple copy and paste, you should be all set. When you’re done, disconnect the handset.

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