Switching From iOS To Android Just Became Easier- How To Transfer Contacts From The iPhone To The Galaxy Alpha

Transfer your contacts from iOS to Android quick and painless

Switching from a phone to another can prove itself to be a headache, because of all the personal data you have to copy from one device to another. This intensifies if your switch is radical, such as moving from Apple’s iOS to Google’s Android. You can say you own a phone from the moment you buy it, but it isn’t really yours until you have all your data and settings on it, that personal touch that make the device unique. A part of copying all the personal data is having to deal with copying the contact list. This may have even hindered you in the past from leaving the iPhone behind and giving Android a try. Seeing how the Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been recently launched, you might be one of the many that wan the cool new handset. Well, if you are looking for a way to transfer your contacts list from the iPhone to your brand new, flashy Galaxy Alpha, we are providing you with ways to do it. You should keep in mind that while we are focusing on the new Galaxy Alpha,  you can use this article for pretty much any Android phone. That being said, let’s see how many ways there are for doing it.

Make Use Of  Apple’s iTunes

If you have both an internet-connected computer and the iTunes program installed, you have all you need to get your contacts across from one platform to the other. You can use Apple’s software to transfer your contacts list to your Google account. From there on, all that’s left to do, is synchronize the contacts on your new Galaxy Alpha, getting one step closer to making the new device feel like home.

  1.  Connect the iPhone to your computer via a USB cable.
  2. Open iTunes, where the iPhone should appear. Next, go to the phone’s summary page and access the Info tab.
  3. Use the given options and select that you want to sync your contacts with your Google account. Check the box for syncing the contacts and then choose Google Contacts from the drop-down menu.
  4. After you’re done syncing the contact with your Google account, log in with that account on your Galaxy Alpha, and let the phone sync with the Google account, thus transferring your contacts.

You could also try iCloud

You could also backup your contacts on the iCloud service, then go online on your computer and access you iCloud account. Next, click on Contacts an use the options to export the vCard. Once you have your contacts exporter, you can import the file into Google Contacts. Either that, or you can copy the file to your phone’s memory and use the Import option on your Contacts app to do just that.

No PC ? Try My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup is a solution for when you don’t have access to a PC.This iOS app will let your backup your contacts on the iPhone and send them to another phone through email. All you need to do is get My Contacts Backup from the App Store, then while in the program, use the Backup option. Further, choose the Email option when the backup is ready, then send it to your Gmail account. Finally, you can access your email from the Galaxy Alpha and download the file. Import it in your contacts by using the Contacts app like before.

Another alternative, Send Anywhere

This is another way you could get the job done without needing any help from a PC. The app uses P2P to get your contacts across another platform quick and easy. This one works on both the iOS and Android.

Simply get the app from the official app market, and make sure you have it installed on both phones involved. Once the app is installed, turn it on on both devices. Choose Send and then Contacts on the iPhone app, then go to your Galaxy Alpha and choose Receive. Confirm and start the transfer by entering the code that showed up on your iPhone. You can also have the iPhone app come up with a QR code that you can scan with your Galaxy Alpha to start the process.


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