5 Situations When It’s Better to Use Online PDF Tools Than Desktop PDF Software

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PDF tools – both premium desktop software as well as online and free apps – can be very useful if in your line of work you receive a lot of data on your computer that you need to process in some way. Accountants, lawyers, editors, marketing experts, bookkeepers, scholar of some sort – these are just some of the professions that heavily rely on the use of PDF tools, and we will explain why that is right now.

The Portable Document Format is the world’s most widespread file format used for sharing documents with others, because of its ability to be viewed on all operating systems with the exactly same layout, which is a unique characteristic that makes the PDF a very valuable ally for many business people. This is why a great number of programs (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Autocad, etc.) have the option to save a project as a PDF file; that’s very convenient when we need to send someone a file that we want to make absolutely sure will be viewed properly by the intended file recipient.

But the biggest problem with this type of electronic format becomes evident when someone wants to edit the file they received, because PDF is a read-only file type. Editing it is impossible without the use of specialised software, or online tools that are designed only for that task.

There are some big differences between premium, paid software and free online tools, but both can be of use in different situations. Here we present five situations when it’s better to pick a free online PDF tool over expensive paid software.

  1. When you are in a hurry

Very often there are things that we need to do very quickly at work – for instance, editing a very important PowerPoint presentation before a meeting. In such case, using a PDF to PPT online tool is a far better choice than waiting for a desktop program to install or to start running.

  1. When you are on a tight budget

Most of desktop PDF conversion software programs are pretty expensive, and you can get the same results for simpler conversions (not too complicated, smaller file sizes) completely for free with online tools.

  1. When you deal with smaller size PDF documents

If the file you wish to convert isn’t too large, there is no need to install a desktop software; everything you need can be done online.

  1. When you have less complex files

If the required file is not too complicated (doesn’t have too many pages, or complex structure), it won’t pose a problem for most crafty online tools.

  1. When you work with personal finance documents

If you choose to manage your own personal finances, the PDF to Excel online tool will be of great help with the hard task of calculating all of the invoices, expenses and interest rates you have accumulated over the year.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what your needs are regarding PDF file conversion, and using this new knowledge you can battle some of life’s tech challenges with more ease.

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