Best Pokemon Go Hacks Every Trainer Needs to Know

Can you believe it? Pokemon Go has been around for almost a year. It seems like only yesterday kids and adults alike were flooding city parks and other public spaces where some highly coveted Pokemon was nesting. It’s no secret: last summer, everyone wanted to catch ‘em all. Some nests were even ripe with funny glitches, such as positioning various Pokemon inside people’s homes. This made for an overall fun and Pokemon-filled summer for all of us, regardless of whether we played the game or not.

While enthusiasm for the game certainly quieted down after a few months as it was expected and no gargantuan pandemonium level was ever reached again, Pokemon Go is still very much alive and kicking and there are plenty of people that still enjoy it today. If you’re a Pokemon Go player, here are five nifty little hacks you need to know about.

  1. Use TutuApp

This hack is certainly one not many people know about, but they certainly should. We’re talking about playing Pokemon Go through TutuApp, a third party app store that offers a lot of cool neat bits and bobs. The Pokemon Go version on TutuApp is filled with interesting features, such as teleporting, infinite Pokeballs and even the ability to track Pokemon.

While this version is certainly not as challenging as the original Niantic one, it’s certainly very fun for children, beginners or even collectors that don’t care that much about the struggle of collecting Pokemon.

  1. Hatch eggs faster with traffic jams

As you may know, the Pokemon Go app is clever and it knows when you’re driving around, so that time isn’t put to use like normal Pokemon chasing time. However, you can take advantage of traffic jams if you live in a busy city and make the time you spend stuck on a busy avenue work to your benefit. Who knew being stuck in traffic could ever help you get something done?

  1. Pikachu as your first Pokemon? Yes please!

When you first set up your Pokemon Go account, the game is nice to you. It wants you to get excited. So three starter Pokemon appear in your general area for you to catch: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squritle. These are classic Pokemon that everyone knows and loves, but let’s face it, we all want to be Ash and get Pikachu as our first Pokemon.

This is actually possible if you ignore the three starter Pokemon that appear you and just circle the block a couple of times and then go back and forth on a road. Pikachu will appear right before you, and you can catch him and be the best there ever was.

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