What To Expect From Android 5.0

With the release of Google’s Android 5.0 not that long away now, many of you might be wondering what is the newest instalment bringing our way. As it is a new major build that also represents Android’s crossing to the 5.0 mark, users can expect some unique features .

It seems like there’s going to be some stiff competition for Google this year, as Apple’s iOS 8 promises significant improvements that make it a viable contender for Android. Apple is planning on releasing their device during September. Android 5.0 is set to feature  some important updates as well. The OS developer is planning on bringing out a flatter design and a more  interactive design.


No more bugs

It appears as if the new operating system has got around solving many of its bugs. Green Bot points out that the main problems solved for Android 5.0, are related to Hangout’s MMS error. Those using AT&T and T-Mobile. have reported that they often have problems with this feature. Other problems that have been taken care off are the lock screen hang up bug, as well as the strange disappearance of the notification panel and the text app emoji’s.

Performance boost

Android seems to be stepping up to Apple’s game, which has released its 64-bit chip. This kind of technology is believed to be present in Android 5.0 as well. It will definitely increase your device’s performance while in games and  heavy processing apps..  It is presumed that Google is working on optimizing the operating system for a lot of hardware solutions. The new OS will apparently feature the ART architecture, and this combined with Android’s optimization plan for smartphone hardware will result  in a more unified overall performance.

Changes in the UI

It seems that the user interface has a lot of new and exciting elements. For starters, the OS will offer a flatter user interface. That being said, it’s time to better understand what that means. Well, Google has implemented depth control  on its newest OS, meaning that developers will have an insane amount of freedom and possibilities for working with dynamic shadows and such. It also lets developers individually change the depth of each element individually.


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