New FiWi speed for Samsung

Samsung has developed a new WiFi tech that can reduce the difference between the actual and the theoretical WiFi speeds. It seems that the developer will bring to the public transmision speeds up to 4.6 gigabits per second or 575 MB per second. This means that the speeds will be 5 times faster than the one that already exists. The curent speed is 866 megabits per second or 108 MB per second.

But, in order to let you make an idea about the whole concept, here is an example: with the new speed you can transfer a 1 GB movie in less than 3 seconds and you can stream in real time HD videos from mobile to TVs.

Samsung announced that the new Samsung 802.11ad standard 60-GHz WiFi tech will be very different from the existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi tech and can eliminate co-chanel interferance not taking into consideration the number of devices that use that specific network.

This way the giant company will solve the problems that come with millimeter waves blocked by walls and obstacles. Samsung uses in order to achieve this wide-coverage beam- forming antennae and micro beam-forming control tech. There are also some other interesting new things that Samsung will bring to the public but you will have to wait and discover them one by one when the new WiFi speed will be released.

This new WiFi speed will be integrated in many products manufacured by Samsung including medical, telecomunications equipment and audiovisual products.

The only potential issue with the new WiFi speed is that it will probably be released next year, which is a bit later than expected. But we consider that if everything the company promises will become true than we will enjoy a higher and more pleasant WiFi speed.


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