The mystery of Solitaire – What makes this basic game so popular?

It’s pretty nuts when you think about how popular this game is despite all the obviously more advanced games and applications that have come out in the past decade. Or at least they seem that way, but given the fact that Solitaire always manages to slip in the top computer games of all time lists, it’s not so certain.

The fairest way to put it is that there is a time for everything, so while triple A games and pastime applications have their own place, there are also moments when you need nothing more than Solitaire. If you’re among the people confused by the success of Solitaire you’ve come to the right place because we are looking to what makes this old, simple and beloved game remain so popular.

It’s easy to get in to

When you look at other games, they just might not be for everyone. Even if they’re not particularly complicated, people that don’t play that many games in general might find it hard or unsatisfactory to invest time in them. That’s never the case with Solitaire as everyone has seen a deck of cards before. Solitaire is a card game that you play on your computer or your phone, and anyone of any age or interest can find it entertaining. It’s easy to get, too. Companies like MobilityWare have seen to it that people can easily play it on their phone as well, which is pretty neat especially since it’s available for both Android Solitaire and iOS Solitaire.

It’s challenging and addictive

The thing about Solitaire that takes people by surprise is how hard it can actually be. The game sure looks simple when you watch someone else play it, and the goal of the game isn’t that complicated to follow. Simply rearrange the cards that you’re given so that you complete four rows of cards each pertaining to a different suite.

Getting there however is harder than you might think and for that reason many people pour hours upon hours in attempting to beat the game and beat their own records. It can get really challenging from that perspective and people are addicted to games that make them sweat. In a sense, you could say that Solitaire is the grandfather of Flappy Bird.

It’s relaxing

Despite what we’ve just said, Solitaire is not an intense game. It is quite the opposite if you don’t aim to beat the game as fast as possible. If you’re just after the base experience of getting the job done, you will find that Solitaire hits the spot in terms of relaxation.  Most games today have you running around looking for stuff or trying to beat the clock. It’s nice to be able to just sit back and take your time for a change of pace.

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