Getting the best alternative travel wall charger for Galaxy S4?

Lost your original Samsung Galaxy S4 charger that came with your smartphone or it went kaput or shorted? Finding online a new charger for Galaxy S4 made by Samsung is not easy because a) they don’t sell it except for on their own website (expensive!) b) fakes fakes fakes everywhere, in Amazon or eBay wherever you go you’ll find fakes floating from $5-$10 which won’t give same output current needed for your phone and might send high/low currents damaging your phone circuits end of the day. Using original or best charger with good quality cable is recommended in the article we have discussed before. Tests have shown one should use the original cable that came with your smartphone to charge the batteries.

However if you have lost the only alternative right now which we could find was AmazonBasics Wall Charger (with USB Outlet)

amazon wall charger 2a current for galaxy s4 android travel best charger amazon wall charger 2a current review for galaxy s4 travel charger android

The reason we choose this charger is because of following advantages :-

  1. Charger has output current of 2.1A which is exactly the needed current to charge big battery of Galaxy S4 i.e. 2600mAh.
  2. Made by Amazon and not any third party manufacturer, sold by Amazon and is also meant for their own devices. It means Quality.
  3. This charger will let you charge number of devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod other Android smartphones and tablets.

If you have lost the your micro-usb cable too then purchase the AmazonBasics Micro-USB Cable, it is around 6 feet which is great and this cable is meant for charging at 2.1A currents, please note there might be lot of cables available out there at 50 cents but whichever we have tested, won’t let you charge your smartphone at the output current of 2.1A hence your Galaxy S4 or any other gadget which should take 2 hours to charge will take 4 hours instead. When you purchasing the charger go for the combo, both should come around at affordable price of $15 only.

amazon micro-usb cable for android galaxy s4 charger

So if there is a need to get alternative / substitute wall charger we recommend you get this only.

usb wall charger 2a current for galaxy s4 micro-usb cable

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