Thinking to get high capacity battery for your Galaxy S4? Zero Lemon 7500mAh Extended Battery is here with highest capacity in the world! (Hands-on Review)

zero lemon 7500mah extended battery galaxy

So there are times when you want extended battery but without adding bulk or making your Galaxy S4 fat from the rear or adding any extra weight that it doesn’t even come out easily from your pocket.

I was looking for an extended battery for my Galaxy S4 smartphone and there are many manufacturers to choose from some are new in the business others are old. These days smartphone users always need extra battery.

Founded in 2012, ZeroLemon built its reputation as the behind-the-scenes designer and manufacturer of accessories for many of the most popular mobile devices on the market. We have seen them releasing their Galaxy S3 high capacity batteries last year varying from many models.

They create unique designs and have US Patent Pending in many models.

This year they have launched different models for Galaxy S4 targeting consumers who are ready to carry bulk with their phone and to those models which just add some more power to the same size batteries.

We are checking out their two top-selling models here, rest we won’t discuss till we get hands-on.

Zero Lemon Galaxy S4 7500mAh Extended Battery (Free Black Extended TPU Full Edge Protection)

It states World’s Highest S4 Battery Capacity and they are stating just fine because while we were searching and trying to compare this extended battery with any other out there, we couldn’t find single competitor with this much capacity. However nearest we could find was Hyperion (5200mAh) or Mugen Power(5500mAh). This battery is compatible with all Galaxy S4 out there, comes in two colors (white & back) so you get to choose the one you need as depending on the color of your Galaxy S4. It is  compatible with AT&T I337, Verizon I545, Sprint L720, T-Mobile M919, International I9500 & I9505. Although this might be highest capacity extended battery but its keen to add whenever you buy bigger capacity batteries, it comes with bulk and lot of bulk.

ZeroLemon with included TPU case:
Length: 14cm
Width: 7.1cm
Thickness: 1.6cm

The case wraps around the phone like a nice glove. The speaker gets covered by the battery at the back but there is approximately around 0.02mm gap between the battery and the speaker which allows sound to travel easily.  Infact we have heard from people who have purchased this there has been high sound output instead due to this gap.

Coming with thickness of around 1.6cm, it is definitely bulky. You can check the pictures to get clear picture.

Since this is a bigger battery, the weight increases around 40g on the phone.

People who have bought this battery for Galaxy S3 can tell you about its performance. As its nearly three times the orignal capacity & slimmer than what other manufacturers provide, Its one of the best high capacity extended batteries out there. You can expect around 17 hours screen time on auto brightness. NFC works totally fine.






Comparison with normal

Comparison with Original

Battery Size

Battery Size


ZERO LEMON Extended Battery for Galaxy S4 ReviewAbove Screenshot shows that the phone is on battery since 19 hours 12 minutes and 34 seconds and still around 41% remaining. The Battery capacity is HUGE!

ZERO LEMON Extended Battery for Galaxy S4 Review

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Zero Lemon 7500 Mah Extended Battery in White

Zero Lemon 7500 Mah Extended Battery in Black

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  1. loving my galaxys4

    I purchased this battery with the white case and im very surprised at the quality of the case as compared to other brands like mugan. the case has a sure grip feel to it. Only downside to white case is it does soil easily however cleans easily also. I use the magic eraser sponge to clean mine. It works wonderfully. The extra bulk of the device isnt as much as you would think and does not take away from the quality of the device. As a matter of fact its like having a otter box on the device, just a tad bit thicker. So if you dont mind using otter box, its likely you wont mind using this extended battery. The volume and sound quality is amazing and not muffled a bit. I took a small piece of paper folded it and placed in the middle of the lower portion of the battery to insure optimum sound.this is not really necessary because there is a few millimeters gap made in the design for speaker sound but some think it makes it even better to do this so I tried it. Camera and flash work flawlessly and are not obstructed. This is a quality product for half the cost of other extened batteries, in fact im amazed at the quality. Ive used mugen in the past and mugen made my device’s bulky and not portioned correctly , not to mention they are a hundred dollars for a much lower capacities battery. This battery is defiantly a bargain. And be sure you will get a quality product.if your looking for extended battery life then look no farther. Zero lemon will not disappoint! Finally you won’t have to worry about loosing battery when you need it. I love my samsung galaxy S4 but lets face it, it loves to eat battery life. Zero lemon fixes that issue with three times the battery than stock. That’s three times the juice! I highly recommended this battery for the s4. Its defiantly a purchase you won’t regret making. Great job zero lemon!

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