Best Extended Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S4


When it comes to using powerful, high-end smartphones, owners often face chronic battery life issues and this turns out to be their biggest concerns. Sudden power loss may put any busy professionals in deep trouble. To prevent this issue, a number of companies have released extended battery for Galaxy S4 to ensure non-stop usages during any busy workdays. Extended batteries for Galaxy S4 are designed to function well and last longer, delivering the power needed to make Galaxy S4 fully usable without causing any sudden stoppages.

Best Extended Batteries for Galaxy S4 – Click to buy from Amazon

  • Zero Lemon 7500mAh Extended Battery : 7500mAh extended battery from Zero Lemon offers days of power instead of hours. Users would appreciate the fact that the phone’s case and the battery fit really well with one another. Zero Lemon 7500mAh extended batteries requires a separate external charger and owners need to charge before using them. However, users who are more worried about added weight may choose models with more limited capacity. They should also perform the recommended charge/discharge cycles before getting full battery capacities.
  • Mugen 5500mAh Extended Battery : Mugen’s 5500mAh extended batteries for Samsung Galaxy S4 are designed to fit under the stock case. The company even claims that its battery can deliver 10 percent more capacity than Samsung’s official battery. With cells made in Japan, Mugen’s extended batteries are designed as a lightweight and high performance solution. Users would soon find that the Mugen 5500mAh battery delivers better performance than factory-issued battery units by a long shot. To allow the battery survives many hours of heavy uses, users should still follow instructions to optimize and calibrate it.
  • Hyperion 5200mAh Extended Battery : The Hyperion 5200mAh extended batteries for Galaxy S4 typically work better than users thought it would. Energy wise, these cells can pack a serious punch. As a model with sufficiently large capacity, it can run Galaxy S4 for more than a day between charges. Hyperion’s 5200mAh extended batteries include a battery back cover to replace the original S4’s standard back cover. However, owners of Hyperion batteries often find that they also need belt clip holsters from Seidio.
  • Anker 5200mAh Extended Battery : Anker 5200mAh extended batteries are known for their grade A cells. These products underwent rigorous inspection quality control tests to ensure top-notch reliability levels. It comes with built-in NFC functionality and short-circuit prevention IC. Anker uses 18W adapters to allow users charge their batteries are both at home and car. With every sale, the company includes the worry-free, 18 months guarantee to demonstrate their focus on quality. Anker 5200mAh extended batteries for Galaxy S4 are also compatible with a number of other Samsung smartphones, including SCH-I545 and SGH-M919T.
  • Seidio 4500mAh Extended Battery : Seidio 4500mAh extended batteries for Samsung Galaxy S4 features the company’s signature soft touch coating. Despite heavy apps and data usages, Seidio 4500mAh solutions can keep Galaxy S4 charged and ready to go. The company typically advises that users need to leave the extended battery for 2-3 more hours after the battery status shows full to obtain maximum capacity.
  • Onite 5200mAh Extended Battery : 5200mAh extended batteries made by Onite are based on Li-ion rechargeable technology with built in NFC support for Google Wallet. These batteries are made from latest technology and are rigorously tested to be used in different environments.
  • Mophie Juice Pack For Galaxy S4 : This has finally launched for Galaxy S4, Mophie Juice Packs are known for their quality and not for pricing. They are slim yet having all the features. Its more of a extra battery than a extended battery. Comes at price of $100, its for you to device.

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  1. lovemygalaxyS4

    Ive tried all these mentioned batteries and I can honestly say that zerolemon is the best choice. Its higher quality and lasts much longer than the other batteries! I get three days with heavy use. Also id like to add the case is much better than the other batteries. When I had mugen one drop and the cheap plastic case is cracked and destroyed. This happened four times with mugens case. this won’t happen with zerolemon because the case is higher quality a kind of hard rubber. Another thing the other batteries loose more and more charge over time. zerolemon does not do that. Zerolemon is by far the very best choice! With heavy use I get three full days out of my battery! Zerolemon is what a extended battery should be at a very affordable price. Why pay 100 dollars for something that will disappoint, ive made that mistake already! Zerolemon is really the best option and it won’t dispount

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