Confused? Which memory card to get for your Galaxy Note 3?

Its clearly confusing, not just for you but for geeks like us to find out which manufacturer is making best durable memory cards out there. There are so many manufacturers but one has to look closely enough to grab the best one. Treating yourself with good USH-1 High Speed 64GB Micro-SD Card this Christmas is not bad idea either and moreover how about gifting someone.

There is always need of a memory card (external storage) on a smartphone as many smartphone manufacturers do not provide enough internal storage and its even safer to use micro-sd card as a storage option rather your Galaxy Note 3’s internal storage.

Finding the best micro-sd card for your Galaxy Note 3 is not easy when there are too many options to choose from and as the quality really matters its better to you know from where to get it so that firstly you do not buy fake or counterfeit product, secondly the micro-sd card is of best speed and quality.

There are many kind of micro-sd cards available in the market from different sizes to different classes like Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10.

Simple comparison in layman language :- (*Not elaborated by us)

  • Class 2 for SD video recording – not recommended at all.
  • Class 4 and 6 for high-definition video (HD) to Full HD video recording. – Class 6 is fine.
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and consecutive recording of HD stills
  • UHS Speed Class 1 for real-time broadcasts and large HD video files


The future has arrived, crossing the mach 3 speed is a possibility…these latest UHS Class Micro-sd  memory cards are faster than ever thought and completely future proof for about 2-3 years. So if you plan to purchase it right are safe for many years.

It has tremendous speed and space, keep recording HD videos and pictures without even thinking of low storage. Downloading latest FIFA or Asphalt well save it on your SD Card and this card will run it so fast that there would be no lag.

How good it will work on your Galaxy Note 3?

Although Samsung Galaxy Note 3 officially does not support UHS-1 Speeds and neither you will be seeing 85MB/s. However the card is awesome and provides speed more than lower class 10 cards. You’ll be getting best performance possible from this smartphone or any other latest one with the Extreme UHS-1 Micro-sd card. Think of this, you get 2x write speed in comparison to Sandisk Ultra.

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Your Galaxy Note 3 comes with 32GB of internal storage and getting 64GB micro-sd is best option for you because then you can keep clicking photographs, recording videos and downloading apps without thinking to delete them to save some space.

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