Levin Solstar USB Solar Panel Charger

Levin has managed to revolutionize the way we keep our smart devices alive, through this ingenious solar panel external battery charger. Instead of falling on the AC/Wall socket safenet, Levin has decided to go explore other possibilities, and therefore arrived at this creative idea. The Levin Solstar Solar Panel Charger uses solar energy to charge itself, and also possesses the ability to charge most of your devices such as smartphone and tablets. It is also very environment friendly due to the fact that it uses energy from the Sun, and is a steps forward towards a greener world. Levin is so confident on the quality of its products, that it offers warranty for a full year.


You can set the Levin Solstar external battery aside from all other external batteries on the market, simply by the fact that is uses nothing but solar power. This is something new and revolutionary in the external battery field, and Levin is the first one to implement it. Apart from its unique charging method, the Levin Solstar external battery charger has a few other features as well. Its capacity is huge, 5000 mAh, and it used a 1.2 watt Monocrystaline solar panel for charging.  It is the only solar power charger available that also features anti-shock and anti-rain protection. It is equipped with LED indicators that show you details about its charging and discharging, and it also has an implemented flashlight. The package also comes with a micro USB cable, a little hook you can use to stick the Solstar to something and make it easier when traveling, and, of course, a 12 month warranty for the device.

Pros and Cons

The solar panel captures the sunlight into 1.2 watt more efficiently than you other conventional solar panels. It is a great solution for when you are on a trip, camping, or other outdoors situation where you don’t have quick access to an energy source. It can be used during any weather, seeing as how it is waterproof, and it is easy to transport and store, due to its small and compact size. The dual USB lets you transfer energy to more than one device at a time, from the Grade A  cells which make this external battery.  The external battery should last you fro at least 1000 recharging cycles, which is quite a lot, and then some. There are, however, a couple of flaws included, such as the fact that the integrated flashlight just isn’t bright enough for you to make use of it. The biggest flaw, however, is the same as its biggest strength: It uses solar energy. This means that the external battery charger is irrelevant during the night, and you can expect reduce performance during cloudy weather.


In conclusion, the Levin Solstar solar panel USB charger is a great deal that brings you a unique approach on the subject of external battery chargers. It is resistant against water , dust and shocks, so you can rest assured that it won’t break if you dropped from the slightest distance or spill a few drops of water on it. It fast and trustworthy, providing fast and numerous charge cycles. The manufacturer also gives you a 1 year warranty, so that good as well.

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