LimeFuel Rugged USB external battery charger

The LimeFuel Rugged is a USB external battery pack charger which can function with pretty much any smartphone or tablet you can throw at it. It provides fast and secure charging, within short windows of time, and is also waterproof. The need for such gadgets is increasing, in relation to the evolving smartphone market that is getting bigger and more complex by the hour. The external battery charger comes fully protected, wrapped in a rugged case that will ensure its top performance under the worst conditions.


The LimeFuel Rugged is the largest external battery charger available on the market, and also the best. Its 2A input helps the device not take more than 9 hours to fully charge. And that is quite good, considering the capacity this external battery comes with, which is 15000 mAh. It is the portable battery with the largest capacity, with an IP66 rating. The IP66 certification is the highest ranking certification available for the external battery market. It has dual 5V/2-4A input designed for simultaneous charging of several devices. It charges using Grade A cells, which means maximum charge storage for you, the consumer. The External battery comes with a a strap, a micro USB adapter, and a 12 month warranty.

Pros and Cons

One of the best things about this external battery is the fact that it comes in a very thick and resistant layer of protection. The LimeFuel Rugged has been tested by international standards and it is certified as Shock and crush and waterproof. The external charger is universal, therefore you can use it to charge any gadget you desire, and the LifeFuel Rugged will charge it in the shortest time span. You can be assured that you will get at least 500 charge cycles out of this external battery, and you won’t have to deal with overcharging, overheating or short circuits, due to the high quality circuitry that prevents all these problems. It is great for outdoors activities or long trips, as well as those who burden their smart devices with heavy duty and heavy usage. A less great part about the  product would be its price, which is higher than that of its competitors, and the fact that it takes a little while to charge, due to the huge size of the battery.


The LimeFuel external battery is a great buy,  which can give you the much needed extra battery whenever you run low and are away from your wall socket. Whether you are on the road a lot for business, love exploring the wilderness with fishing trips or camping sessions, or just use your phone a whole lot, the LimeFuel is the solution to all your battery problems in a nutshell. In fact, a very tough shell, as it’s exterior protection shields it from practically anything.

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