REVIEW ! NEWLY LAUNCHED UAG case for Samsung Galaxy S4

uag galaxy s4

This is a review of UAG case for S4: 
Urban Armor Gear UAG-GLXS4-BLK/BLK-W/SCRN-VP Composite Case with Screen Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Retail Packaging – Black

I hope other vendors received the memo: UAG finally shipping their S4 cases. Competition is over. Go home!  Yes, it’s true, just received my Navigator (white) and Scout (black) S4 cases, while Aero (blue) and Outland (rustic) colors are also available. For the last 6 months using it on my Note 2, this has been my go-to case whenever I’m using stock battery. I do have a lot of great cases in my collection, but this case has always been at the top of the food chain for me when it comes to overall protection, durability, and functionality while still being slim and sexy with it’s unique industrial design. It also withstand test of time still looking like brand new after a lot of abuse, and that’s considering my Note 2 UAG case is white Navigator.

With S4 case, UAG went back to their original design from S3 rather than new “vent” design introduced with larger cases of Note 2 and iPad Mini. This makes perfect sense since we are talking about a smaller footprint phone in comparison to other phablet and tablet. The design is still high quality feather-lite composite construction made out of single piece thermo-plastic material used for inner lining and edge protection and also polycarbonate shell for a tough exterior protection. The combination of honeycomb pattern partial inner lining of the back and unique raised shaped of pc shell in the middle works as a perfect shock absorption if you drop the phone. The edge protection with a thicker bumper around top/bottom of the phone wraps the screen with a nice lip around the front of the phone keeping it save off the surface if you place it screen down or if you drop it by accident. The phone will not slide on any surface, either if you place it face up or down. As I mentioned, front bumper will protect it from sliding face down, while the top/bottom bumper has small standoff skid pads on the back to keep the friction when you place the phone face up. The back of the phone is complimented with industrial design grooves accompanied by fake rubbery torx screw accents. The case itself has a very secure and comfortable grip, and still very easy to slide in/out of the pocket or purse.

Every cutout is precise and generous. You can especially see it in micro-usb and headphone port openings that will accommodate any reasonably over sized connector. Camera and flash openings are partitioned to make sure you photos come out glare free. Special attention was given to power and volume buttons that cover original phone buttons. Those look and feel very hardware like and because of small slit on a side, they are easy to press and very responsive. In addition to the case, you also get a bonus screen protector and microfiber cleaning cloth. I can’t comment on the quality of screen protector since I didn’t install it (I have a display model of S4), but in my hand it felt thicker than cheap ebay screen protectors.

Dimensions of UAG S4 case per my measurements:

Weight: 1.1oz -> 30g
Length: 5.5in -> 138.7mm
Width: 2.9in -> 72.8mm
Thickness: 0.48in -> 12.3mm

Overall, I would consider this one of the top contenders if you are looking for a slim and lightweight case with a really good drop protection, convincing lip bumper, and unique eye catching design. Now, let the pictures do the rest of the talking:


uag_s4_06_zpsb4f08b25 uag_s4_21_zpsc4e76474 uag_s4_16_zps444c6994 uag_s4_15_zps512d6947 uag_s4_11_zpsb3b71efc uag_s4_09_zps19750c19 uag_s4_07_zpsb4619ad9

UAG Navigator/Scout for samsung galaxy S4uag_s4_02_zps08f8408b
UAG Navigator/Scout for samsung galaxy S4

Thanks to vectron from XDA for the review.

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