Samsung Galaxy S4 extended battery case – Anker S-View 5600 mAh Flip Cover

The Anker S-View 5600 mAh flip cover extended battery is a very efficient extended battery unit that provides the latest features made available by technology, and also double the life span of your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The good thing about the Anker Flip Cover is that it lets you still use the original, existent battery, therefore you get a spike in battery life, one you probably really need.

Smartphones have become a constant presence in our daily life, as we use them to stay in touch with our friends and family, arrange business, browse the internet and also for entertainment purposes such as watching movies, listening to music or taking photos that you could see later. All these features are a severe strain on your smartphone’s battery, therefore it isn’t that much of a surprise when suddenly are low on battery, and you still got half of the day to go. For cases like this, we have extended batteries such as the Anker Flip Cover, which, according to Anker, has a 30% higher energy rate than any popular brands.

The Features

A lot of extra juice

The 5600 mAh battery of the Anker S-View Flip Cover package provides you with a doubled battery life, compared to just having your stock battery. It also uses a very advanced technology, with the latest pins, that make sure your device connects to perfection. The extended battery and the stock battery which is still inside your device will charge at the same time, therefore we can say that the Anker extended battery is energy efficient , to say the least.

High energy rate

The Anker Flip Cover provides 30% higher energy rates than any other extended battery, making in the leader of this category. This is due to the latest technology and quality of the battery, combined with the large capacity it has, of 5600 mAh.

Smart case

The extended battery comes with a case that wraps around the smartphone, and enhances it with sleep/awake functions and lasso the possibility of answering or rejecting calls without even having to open the case’s lid cover, which is normally closed on top of the display, of course. Closing and opening the case lid will as trigger the sleep and awake functions, therefore the case makes things a little more interesting. It’s not just a boring back cover case that comes with the battery.

High quality and Versatility

Equipped with an integrated IC chip, the Anker extended battery is protected against short circuits, and each unit lands on the market only after being dragged through a series of thorough tests, so you won’t encounter any build issues with your unit. Anker takes pride in the advanced technology its extended batteries provide, alongside the more than handy flip covers that do so as well.

Although this comes for the Galaxy S4, there are many other phone models that are capable of benefiting from this case, such as the Galaxy J, -Mobile SGH M919, AT&T SGH 1337 , Sprint SPH L720, and others.

Pros and Cons

The Anker extended battery has a lot of strong points, such as its ergonomic design, and the fact that is ready to go whenever, doubling your device’s battery life. Also, it doesn’t replace your stock battery, but instead, enhances it with more battery power to last you through your busy day. The features on the smart flip cover are a very nice touch, and the integrated IC chip provides safety and piece of mind.

Although it’s good, the package isn’t perfect. The bulky case give your device a thick aspect, while making it pretty hard to reach the volume rockers for example. The case also is reported to feel a bit unstable around the edges.


Other than a few minor design flaws, the Anker extended battery provides a whole lot of extra juice that will more likely be enough to last you while you go about your business. It uses advanced technology  it removes the worry of having to charge your phone every day. This is one of the best solutions for supplying your phone’s energy needs, while staying protected, thanks to the IC chip integrated in the battery. Overall, this extended battery is definitely worth the buy.

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