Top Memory Card options for the Galaxy Note 3



An important role in a smartphone’s succes is played by the memory it comes with. Some devices come with a lot, while others come with less. However, today’s technology offers the possibility of extending the original memory of a smartphone, by using a micro SD card. Here are the top picks for microSD cards compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note:

1.SanDisk 32 GB micro SDHC 

This is a class 10 micro SDHC card capable of  Up To 80MB/s Read Speed that gives you 32 GB of extra memory space. Now you can store more pictures, videos and music with this fairly large internal memory boost. Micro SDHC cards look the same as micro SD cards, but are not compatible with most older phone models. This is one of the best cards to buy for a Samsung Galaxy Phone and it comes at a very good price too, of about $40.

2.SanDisk MobileMate Micro Reader

This is a great solution for easy transfer of music, videos and pictures from or to your computer. It supports several card tyes, namely microSD, micro SDHC, and Memory Stick Micro 2 . It is easy to install and then use, while being compatible with older versions of Windows as well. It uses high speed transfer rates (USB 2.0) and you will need no additional adaptors.

3.SanDisk 64 GB  Ultra micro SDXC

This card adds another 64 GB of memory to your already existing storage, while assuring speeds twice as big the micro SD cards can offer. It is waterproof  and it facilitates app response and performance rates, due to  its 30 MB/s transfer rate capability. This card also has a class 10 rating and class 6 performance, which helps you shoot Full HD video more smoothly.

4.Cellet USB micro SD/ micro SDHC reader

The cellet card reader is compatible with just microSD, and it is as small and easy to install as it is to carry. Here’s a quick guide :

  • 1. Put your memory card into the reader
  • 2. Connect the reader into your computers USB
  • 3. When the green light turns on, it means it is ready

It features high data transmission us as USB 2.0. It also features 16 MB/s read and 8 MB /s writes

5.Sandisk 4GB  micro SDHC card

This is a little pick that gives you an additional 4 GB of memory. Nothing much to say here, it’s pretty straight forward. It is the perfect candidate for storing up all your rather smaller files , and also comes with a free adapter that lets you transform your micro SD into a microSDHC unit.

6. Sandisk 16 GB microSDHC

This model won’t give you a free adapter, like the previous smaller version of it, but at least you will get about 16 GB of internal memory, that will come in handy when you decide to store some extra music, picturs, etc.

7.Dane-Elec 8 GB micro SDHC

A good option for storing away large music, photo and video files, and it also comes with an included adapter that transforms this SDHC card into a micro SD card.

8.Dane-Elec 16 GB SDHC 

This memory unit is pretty much the same of the Dean-Elec 8 GB, with the adjustment, that the SDHC card packs 16 GB of free space instead of 8 GB. Other than that, there’s not too much difference.

9. SanDisk 8 GB SDHC

This one offers 8 GB of external memory and also the possibility of connecting through the included adapter. It is good for transferring pictures, videos and music, giving you that extra space for the songs that didn’t make it on the phone’s original memory.

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