Wireless Charging Pad for the Galaxy S4 (Qi compatible)

It is becoming more and more popular and frequent for people to use wireless chargers for their smartphones, and the Galaxy S4 is one of the devices that can benefit from this technology. There are several special cases available for the Galaxy S4, which let it use this charging method. There are pros and cons to having a wireless battery charging case, one of the pros being that charging your phone becomes as easy as laying your phone down on a surface (which is exactly what you do with the wireless charger), while a negative aspect can be considered the fact that you must manually align the device. It also doesn’t charge as fast as it would from the wall socket. Installing the wireless charger is very easy. All you need to do is replace the original back panel and battery of your device with the wireless charging capable battery and back panel,which come with the charger. After you’ve done that, you’re all set.

What it offers

The first thing you’ll get from this package is a brand new back panel for your device, because the original back panel that comes with the Galaxy S4 won’t just start wireless charging out of the blue. Once you have it, replace the original pack panel simple and easy. It shouldn’t take you more than a few clicks to set it in place. It has a set of golden contacts that fit in nicely on the interior. They will help your phone create inductive charging. This new cover will add a few mm to your device, thus making it look bulky and round. Being more rounded, you can also grip the device better, so I guess there’s a win in there somewhere. The NFC function still works, even though it has to dig through a thicker case now.

All you have to do is strap the special case on the phone then put the phone on the charging plate and plug the plate. This small charging plate is made out of a textured  mate material, so the phone won’t slip off of it and break. The base also has a rubberized plastic bottom, for better grips and such. The wireless charger will charge your phone at 650 mA while your AC charger will perform at 1A, and the USB method will give you at least 500 mA.

Let’s see some of the pros for this device 

It is a very good option due to its great design, and it comes with an LED light that shows you if your phone’s in the correct positioning. It also has an acceptable size, that goes really great with the size of the Galaxy S4, for example, and can charge your phone in about 2 hours. By this I mean that after two hours, your device will be fully charged and ready to go.The only thing that isn’t so great about it is the fact that it has a smooth exterior all around, and it can be hard for some grip it.


The overall impression of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Qi wireless charger is positive, as it does a fine job and doesn’t take ages to do so either. It is one of the best solution if you’re tired of regular charging, or want to clear up some room in the space where your regular charger would have been. You can get this wonderful charger at a very special price on amazon.com of about $42 and Free Shipping.

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