Yesoo 5200 mAh extended battery for the Galaxy S4 (with case and NFC)

Here’s another great option for a Samsung Galaxy S4 battery boost. It comes with quite the capacity, and also brings along a few functions that are nice to have, and relieve you of some trouble. Check below to see why you should invest in this extended battery package, and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Yesoo 5200 mAh extended battery for the Galaxy S4

This battery and case package is an excellent way to ensure the battery life for the full day for your Galaxy S4. It comes with NFC capabilities, and a 5200 mAh capacity. It is also worth mentioning that it uses Li-Ion technology, and is available for many phone models.

About the battery

The Yesoo 5200 mAh extended battery for the S4 is a great purchase, which comes with the actual battery, and also provides a black cover, made of TPU, that also serves as a protective case for your device. It is compatible with the Galaxy S4, several models, and weighs no more than 4 ounces. The only available color for the Li-Ion, 5200 mAh  packing extended battery is black, and by the battery’s color, I mean the color of the included back panel /TPU case. It features a 3.7 Voltage and an NFC chip, so you won’t need to compromise NFC for aa better battery.

Strong Points

One of the advantages of using this extended battery model is that it charges upp pretty fast. Sure, it takes it like 3 hours and some, but after that you can use it for 24 hours without checking twice to see if you still have some juice left. The excellent build quality of the back cover, which offers some fair protection, is also a big plus for the product, as well as more talk time and longer text and chat conversations, due to the Li-Ion nature of the battery.

Not so strong points

One of the most annoying things about the case is the covered buttons, which are, at least for some, very hard to press. Also an issue is how slippery the back cover can be, so you better be careful when holding the device with the case on, so you don’t drop it.


Other than the the slippery nature of the back cover, and the difficulty of reaching the covered buttons, this extended battery is pretty much golden. It offers safety through its low voltage, and a lot of juice for your device. It is also compatible with many models, and is easily transported due to how light it is. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it uses Li-Ion technology, which is one of the highest ranking kinds. You can buy it now at only $15.99 and Free Shipping only on

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