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Do not disturb app on Samsung galaxy s4

This app helps you when you are looking for a little peace and quiet. If you want to silence all the sounds and notifications all you have to do is to activate Do Not Disturb app. You don’t need to have the latest Android version. The new Android version, Android L will have a “do not disturb” option that many ... Read More »

Want to block a number on Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

We are sure that everyone had, at least once in their life, a situation like this: someone you want to avoid talking to who keeps calling and calling! If you are one of these persons you must pay attention and find out some useful tips on how to block a number if you have a Galaxy S4. Of course you can ... Read More »

Stop Your Apps From Running Behind Your Back

When an app runs in the background, it usually means that it’s performing some kind of process for the device, like syncing data, retrieve location data, or other such tasks. However, there are apps that unusually do a lot of background processing that should occur in the first place. Let’s see how you can determine whether is important for background ... Read More »

Get A Better WiFi Signal On Your Android Device

Maybe you’ve noticed lately that your WiFi connections just aren’t what they used to be, or that your phone’s battery is massively losing power every time you turn on the WiFi feature. This is a big problem for smartphones in general, but it is especially unpleasant for smartphones that made a reputation for having terrible batteries, such as the Nexus ... Read More »

Android Paid Apps And How To Get Them Free

 A very important part about operating an Adroid powered device is using apps. Our smartphones are generally swarming with loads of Apps that enhance our smartphone experience. These apps come in different forms, and of course, with different price tags. While there are a lot of free apps available for Android devices, some of you might feel like you’re missing ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4- 25 Tips You Should Know About

By the end of this article, you will hopefully pick up a few things you previously didn’t know your Samsung Galaxy S4 can do. Here are 25 tips that can improve your overall Galaxy S4 experience. Quick Settings If you swipe down on your display, from the very top of the screen, you will bring up the Notification Panel. In ... Read More »

5 Tips For Every Samsung Galaxy Phone Owner

When it comes to the Galaxy line of smartphones put together by Samsung, you can always be sure that there is more than meets the eye. Sasmsung packs their devices with so many hidden features that it became a little difficult for normal users to keep track of all the things their phonescan do. Check below to see some of ... Read More »

How To Extend Your Samsung Galaxy S4’s Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great smartphone device, packed with many functions and features, some really useful while some are a little gimmicky. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the Galaxy S4 is one of the best Android devices of its time. However, there is a problem with the device, and that is its battery. The battery of the Galaxy ... Read More »

How To Get A Faster Moto X

The Motorola Moto X is a very fast device on its own. One of the important reasons behind this is the fact that it runs the Android operating system, but not just any Android. We are talking about almost pure, stock Android, which is the best kind available. In this article, we will be showing you some tips and tricks ... Read More »

How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

  1. 1 Click on the AdBlock Plus icon on the top right corner of your browser
  2. 2 Click on "Enabled on this site" from the AdBlock Plus option
  3. 3 Refresh the page and start browsing the site