10 Tips and Tricks to make your Galaxy Note more powerful!

10 Tips and Tricks to make your Galaxy Note more powerful!

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is a Phablet by nature; that means you can use it as a tablet and as a phone. Here are some tips to use this all in one device for satiating some of your indomitable urges-let’s see how.

1. Forget Separate Devices

Since long many of us have loathed the idea of carrying two separate devices. Now with the Galaxy Note 8.0 you can forget two devices, instead carry only one with just one contract for data connection and enjoy features of both devices.

2. Speaking Hand Free

How we have longed, to keep our hands free while talking so that we may hold the steering or concentrate on other job but could not! But not anymore- if you just buy the twenty nine pounds Samsung HS3000 wireless Bluetooth your dreams can come true. You can keep the phablet in your bag and still talk loud and clear from the earpiece.

3. Bluetooth Receiver

Music aficionados rejoice because the wireless Bluetooth headphone named Samsung HS6000 is here that can simple give you music with awesome clarity. Now you can play your favorite music right from your device. The combination of the HS6000 and Galaxy Note 8.0 is even more potent because both support aptX lossless codec.

4. Texting Apps

Some people have a penchant for typing on the touchscreen because they feel it provides more seamless experience. So here is the Mightytext app that can give you the full keyboard at your disposal for messaging. This app is free at the Goggle Play Store.

5. SMS/MMS Convenience

In this respect,  we need to specify that Samsung has introduced some advanced messaging features on the Galaxy Note 8.0. The S Pen allows convenient Air View, and since the Phablet is larger than the phone the keyboard elevates the convenience of typing.

6. Using WhatsApp

Now you are wondering if you will be able to enjoy WhatsApp on the device, you can surely do so of you are running a SIM on your device. To give you a little more detail you can send voice clips, send pictures, send messages with emoticon and video. In fact on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 WhatsApp gives you the perfect messaging companion.

7. Voice Control

Now you can enjoy the Voice Control feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. S Voice and Google Now are two apps are run from the menu button- by tapping twice for the S Voice app and by pressing longer for the Google Now. S Voice can fulfill all of your command like send a message or note down on the note pad.

8. Turning the Phablet into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Not all mobile devices can be turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot, but with the Galaxy Note 8.0 you can do so. If allows tethering and by only going to the settings, then choosing network and then choosing the option- tethering and portable hotspot- you can enable this feature.

9. Limiting Data Chewing

Now that you can tether your device you must be wondering about your data usage. Tablets chew the data faster than mobile devices a land you in trouble. But Samsung has enabled the feature of data limit that can keep tracking your bill.

10. Video Phone Apps

Video phoning apps are resplendent in the Google App Store, and you already know of the most popular-Skype. You can enjoy this app on Galaxy Note 8.0 with the front facing camera. Apart from this Skype can let you transfer files letting you strike a balance between working and socializing.

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