5 Galaxy S4 Tips To Improve Your Experince

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, you can benefit from all the sweet features and functions it brought along. They are many and diverse, covering all aspects available. However, there are some who unfortunately are yet to discover all the goodies the Galaxy S4 packs, or the true extent of its awesomeness.  To help out those of you who are rightfully overwhelmed by the amount of features put at their disposal, we are laying down some of the S4’s less than obvious features, which can greatly improve your overall experience with the device.

Smart Stay

Smart Stay is a feature implemented on the Galaxy S4 that lets you control certain parts of the device by simply using your eyes. The feature is designed for reading and such, as the device will record and keep track of your eyes. It will identify the target position of your gaze, and also know when you are actually looking at the device. This is great for web pages for example, as you can scroll up and down a web page by simply tilting your head. If you’re watching a video and you turn your head away from the screen, Smart Watch will know and pause the video for you. Not looking at the screen will also cause it to go dim, but otherwise, if you are looking at the display and Smart Stay is active, the screen will remain bright.



The Multi-Window feature allow you to experience true multi-tasking, as it was first seen and used on Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of smartphones. By activating this feature, you can split the screen between two apps and use them both at the same time, without having to compromise. You can read emails and watch a video at the same time, or check your social network account while sending out a text message.

To activate Multi-Window, simply hold down the Back button. This should make an icon tray appear on the left side of the display. From the tray, select the two apps you would like to multi-task with, and drag them to the display. After you’ve selected them, you can also resize them and termine which app holds up more screen real estate.

Voice activated camera

Another innovation brought by the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ability to take photographs by using nothing but the sound of your voice. First off, you need to activate the feature, by going to the microphone icon in your camera’s settings menu. Once that’s done, you can take picturs by simply saying “cheese”, and the phrase “record video” will obviously make the device shoot video.

Get your own ringer

There are very slim chances for someone to not know the whistling notification sound that comes with Galaxy  devices by default. If you own such a device, you will probably agree that it quickly becomes annoying . Same thing goes for the ringtone assigned by default by Samsung. Luckily, there is a way for you to solve the problem, by going into the My Device> Sound path, under Settings. You can add your own favorite ringtones and notification sounds.

Make your Home button respond faster

A feature you might remember from the successful Samsung Galaxy  S3 is the S Voice, which mimics the digital assistant put at user’s disposal by Appel, called Siri. The feature has been imported into the S4, but the feature itself isn’t the only thing passed further. Samsung also brought back the lagging response time of the Home button, which is strongly influenced by the S Voice feature. The default command for opening up the S Voice is to double tap the Home button. However, if you tap it only once, just so you can go to your Home screen, like the button as intended, the device will make you wait a brief moment, just so it can see if you’re trying to access the S Voice feature.

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