Best Micro-SD Card for Galaxy Note 3?

Best Micro-SD Card for Galaxy Note 3?

You just bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and you would be interested in having unlimited space to store those lovely moments you click,record and play. There is always need of a micro-sd card (external storage) on a smartphone as many smartphone manufacturers do not provide enough internal storage and its even safer to use micro-sd card as a storage option rather your Galaxy Note 3’s internal storage.

Its always recommended to leave internal storage i.e. usable storage space of around 20 GB for apps and their caches. Some apps and games are big in size around 1-3GB so therefore as internal storage is faster than micro-sd it is always recommended to leave the apps in it unless it is necessary then only move the apps to micro-sd card storage. Read: How to move apps?

Finding the best micro-sd card for your Galaxy Note 3 is not easy when there are too many options to choose from and as the quality really matters its better to you know from where to get it so that firstly you do not buy fake or counterfeit product, secondly the micro-sd card is of best speed and quality. Read: Which is best micro-sd card for Galaxy S4?

There are many kind of micro-sd cards available in the market from different sizes to different classes like Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10.

Simple comparison in layman language :-

  • Class 2 for SD video recording – not recommended at all.
  • Class 4 and 6 for high-definition video (HD) to Full HD video recording. – Class 6 is fine.
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and consecutive recording of HD stills
  • UHS Speed Class 1 for real-time broadcasts and large HD video files

Where to buy micro-sd card?

As soon you search over Google you would get number of searches which shows many websites and eBay listings, we would like to WARN you do not go for those on eBay unless the seller is premium seller or unless you have completely enough knowledge what you purchasing because there are lot of FAKES / Counterfeits.

Amazon is best option to go for, no matter in which country you are.

Why the Sandisk Ultra 64GB Class 10?

As you can understand from the comparison shown above Class 10 is the recommended micro-sd card to go for. Why? Because its fast enough and future-proof this is one of the cards which you would be able to easily use 2 years down the line with your next smartphone purchase. They write and read and whooping good speeds.

sandisk micro-sd card class 10 benchmark

For sequential WRITE speed, the Sandisk class-10 microSDHC card is faster than the other two class-10 cards by PNY and Polaroid. The READ speed for most cards are around 18MB/s (limited by the card reader used)

If you go for Sandisk Micro-SD Card 64GB Class 10 you can click around 1600 photographs and 480 minutes of HD Recording also moreover as Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3 is also expecting to have option to move apps to SD-card which will finally help in saving that internal storage for the apps you use the most.
Read : How to save photos on memory card?

sandisk micro-sd card best for galaxy note 3 64gb

Your Galaxy Note 3 comes with 32GB of internal storage and getting 64GB micro-sd is best option for you because then you can keep clicking photographs without thinking to delete them to save some space.

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SanDisk Ultra 64 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter (SDSDQU-064G-AFFP-A)

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  1. Hi.. Thanx for the info, I was looking in amazon and found a Extreme Micro SD card, but it is the doublé of the Price of the Ultra model, it seems to be the top of Micro SDs, so my cuestión is if the Galaxy note 3 will really exploit this SD Card?, the money is not the problema, but I dont want to buy something taht will do anithing. thanx and sorry because of my bad english.

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