Boost Your Galaxy S4’s Performance

The simple fact that Samsung has rolled out the next installment in its Galaxy line of flagship devices, namely the Galaxy S5, is no reason to just push the Galaxy S4 to the side and forget about it. The S4 is still a great device. Sure, the S5 may have some extra features and functions, but let’s not forget all the hype surrounding the S4 in its prime. If you’ve had your S4 for a time now, you probably noticed that it isn’t performing like it used to. Or maybe it is, but you simply want more than what it currently gives. Here is an article on how you can improve the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S4, and be happy without the Galaxy S5.



Whenever you transition between screens or a window pops up, the phone uses a little animation for the change of display. These animations can make your device look real sluggish and not snappy at all. You can change this by modifying the window animation scaling. You can change the values or turn it off completely. You need to access the developer setting on your phone in order to do this. If you don’t have them activated, go to your About Phone section in your phone’s settings and repeatedly tap on the build number. A message saying that the settings have been activated should appear shortly. After this go to the Drawing section of the options menu, and choose Window animation scale. After you’ve changed this setting, also go to Transition animation scale and Animation duration scale. Play around with those as well. The most extreme solution is to turn them off completely. Your phone should seem snappier already.

Lock screen animation

Another factor that is slowing down your device, is the animation that comes on whenever you unlock your device. Unless you consider  sluggishness a price worth paying to see a brief, cool animation, you might want to turn these off as well. The Lock Screen section under My Device in your phone’s settings  will provide you with the option for turning these animations off completely.

No More S Voice

The S Voice is something a lot of people don’t use, but still leave on, thus making their phones slower for no reason. The problem with S Voice is that you activate it by double pressing the Home button. So whenever you want to press the button just once, so you can get back to your home screen (which happens insanely often on any smartphone), the device will make you wait a bit, so it can check if you are going to press the button again to go to the S Voice feature. This can be rather annoying at times, so unless you actually use the S Voice feature, go ahead an deactivate it by going to the S Voice screen and changing the appropriate setting from its settings menu. Simply deactivate the one saying that the feature will start when the Home button is double-pressed.

Consider A Different Launcher

Samsung adds its own user interface over the stock Android version that runs on the Galaxy S4 (as well as all other Samsung devices). The problem is that TouchWiz isn’t really anyone’s first pick when it comes to the fastest UI’s. This can be solved by going to the Play Store and getting a new, free custom launcher. There are many different ones you can try out without spending a dime, but the most popular have to be Nova Launcher and GO Launcher EX.

Quick Glance

As a bonus, check out the Quick Glance feature of the Galaxy S4. Although it doesn’t really speed up your device, it helps you get a quick look at your notifications and on-screen information without you even having to touch the display. This can speed things up for you as you don’t have to go through all the extra stept to see your notifications such as unlocking your phone and navigating to the Notification Panel or appropriate screen. It’s also pretty cool if you’re in a hurry, or a situation that won’t let you stick out your phone and start browsing too much, like a business meeting.

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