Do not disturb app on Samsung galaxy s4

This app helps you when you are looking for a little peace and quiet. If you want to silence all the sounds and notifications all you have to do is to activate Do Not Disturb app. You don’t need to have the latest Android version. The new Android version, Android L will have a “do not disturb” option that many users are looking forward to.

You probably are one of the people who always keeps their phone close. Of course you want to be able to check your phone from time to time but you also want to  get a good night sleep without having to wake up when ever you receive a notification. That is why you should get ” Do Not Disturb” app for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Do Not Disturb is a free cool app that allows you to control the noises your phone makes and it will make sure you will not receive any audible alerts for as long as you want. In order to use the app you just have to fire it up and go to the Instant section. Chose how long you would like to silence your phone. You can add 5 min, 15, 1 or 4 hours to your quiet period. You can cancel the quiet time whenever you want. Just tap Clear and it’s done.

This app can also be scheduled to become active every day of the week. You can configure Do Not Disturb to switch on during certain hours of every day. It is up to you to chose those times. How can you do that? Simple. Just go to Schedule and then to Auto Mute. Switch it to ON postition. At the bottom of the Schedule you will find some examples of quiet periods. Chose one and you can also mention the time at which notifications should turn to silent mode. Chose the start and the end time.

You can also manually disable sounds on your phone if you remember to do this. Go to the notification area, tap the Sound button one to get your phone on vibrating mode and twice to mute your phone.

Which option will you chose to get some quiet time just for you?


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