Extend Battery Life With These Battery Tips For The Samsung Galaxy S4

Here are a few tips on how you can maximize the life span of your smartphone’s battery, and enjoy its awesome features, especially now, with the release of the newest version of the Android operating system, Android KitKat. Although these are tips for extending the battery life  of the Samsung Galaxy S4, keep in mind that you can pretty much use these tips on any Android running smartphone device.


Turn Your GPS Off

You can activate the Battery Saving Mode from the Location Settings, as the very least, although we recommend you turn it off completely when you are not using it. You don’t really need to have your GPS on unless you are using one of the few apps that use this function. Any other moment when you are not using those apps and the GPS function is still activated, pretty much counts as wasted battery.

No WiFi

The phone’s WiFi feature is another function that we usually use a lot, but don’t understand how much battery it actually drains. There is absolutely no reason for you to keep it on if you are not near a WiFi hotspot, or don’t even want to browse the internet or do other internet related activities on your phone. If you even have 3G activated on your device, then we can’t stress enough what a waste of battery it is for you to walk around with the WiFi on for no reason.

3G Over 4G

It’s a good idea to try and deactivate 4G on your phone completely, and rely only on 3G connectivity. Of course, this is strongly influenced by what network you are on and strength of your signal. If living only off 3G is  something you are permitted to do by your conditions, you should try it out. Sure you lose some bandwidth as compared to 4G, but you get extra battery.

Dim Down Your Screen

This one is pretty important because the display is the biggest energy consumer, it drains more battery than any other function in your smartphone. This is the case for all smartphones, not just the Samsung Galaxy S4. Therefore, turning down the screen brightness lower than 50% can get you some quality, well needed, extra battery juice. It may take a little while for your eyes to accommodate to the new brightness, but its worth it.

Take Care Of Your Battery

Your battery will last more in the long run if you charge it by using the original AC charger that it came from. Be advised that slow charges take more time (obviously) but get the job done better, as apposed to fast charges that can damage your battery over time. Also, it’s a good idea to clean the battery contacts once or twice every month.


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