How to Fix The Most Common Galaxy S4 Issues

While there are a lot of features to be happy about when it comes to your new Samsung Galaxy S4 device, not all users seem to share the same experience. In fact, there are quite a few random issues that seem to pop-up just as easily as they are gone. And no, we won’t be addressing issues occur whenever you root your device and install a new ROM. We will be addressing those issues that happen no matter how clean device is.


We all fear it and we have all experienced it on our devices, no matter how much processing power, RAM or how great the graphics adapter is. Slowdown is what happens when you install too many applications on your Android device. Why? Because most of them are memory-resident. That means that no matter if you use them or not, they are still active and take up a large chunk of your devices’ processing power. Thus, slowing down your operating system. The easiest way of getting rid of unnecessary clutter is by uninstalling all applications with a third party program such as the App Master. While some features need root access, basic uninstalling and cleanup of your system doesn’t.


Random rebooting and display issues

Surprisingly enough, there is still no real fix for why the Android OS seems to reboot randomly on some devices. Nor why your display starts to flicker from time to time. While not many users experience these issues, those that do have a very simple and quick fix for both. While random rebooting requires you to start your phone into recovery mode (about which you can read in our previous “how to” articles) and performing a full system wipe and reset, the flickering of your display is fixed by rebooting your OS.

Hoping that we have just helped you make your Android device more stable than it originally was, keep a lookout for our future “how to” related pieces.


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