Galaxy S4 – Fix Battery Problems

Battery running low very quickly

Isn’t something that is happening in a day or two, it happens with time. If looks like your battery is running low quicker then usual , might look like the battery is the problem , but in fact the problem are your applications.You can check which of installed application are responsible for battery discharging by opening Settings. Press More > Battery and after that you will see a graphic which illustrate the way that battery was used and some other details with “guilty apps”.In case you find out that you have some applications that you don’t use anymore , you can just uninstall them , but must be a clue that you need to uninstall your apps that you are not using anymore. Push and hold “Home” button to see your Recent Apps and drag them away to close.

You might observe that exist an entrance for the Screen very close to the top of the list. To reduce the battery drag your screen, push Display button and try to adjust your Brightness settings.

Your phone is “on fire”

The biggest problem is that here might be something wrong with the battery physically and this is overheating , thing that may lead to battery leaks or worst. A way to find out that if you have this kind of problem is to remove the battery and put it on a plane surface. Try to spin it and if it’s spinning seems like it has a bump so you might need to thing to replace it with another one.

If the battery looks OK, physically, you might need to check if your apps are all updated. To be sure that you have the most recent updates for your phone go to Settings > About Device > Software Device > Update. Download everything that is needed and then you can check for updates for you apps. Go to Play Store > My apps > Update all. If you have all your applications updated you can save battery.


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