How to transfer apps from Galaxy S4 Internal Storage to Micro-SD Card?


After latest firmware was pushed to Galaxy S4 users by various US carriers, now users can transfer apps from Galaxy S4 internal storage to their micro-sd card storage. By now we believe you have already purchased micro-sd card and if not then we recommend checking out this article and purchasing best micro-sd card out there, basically class 10 one at least.

Samsung did face criticism about Galaxy S4 having initial storage to use around 9GB whereas the capacity promoted was 16gb which is mostly used by bloatware samsung own apps which boast various features.

Enter the latest Samsung update. Not only is it intended to free up some internal storage space with microSD installation and transfer, but more internal storage should be available thanks to the optimization of the Android operating system, another enhancement of the update.

Make sure your firmware is latest or else this option won’t show, if this option not showing then enable firmware updates.

Here’s how to easily and safely transfer files from the internal storage of your Samsung Galaxy S4 handset to a micro SD card.

– Access your Settings by pressing the Menu button at the bottom left of your device or by accessing the dropdown Notification bar.

– Once in Settings, access the More tab to your right.

– Access the Storage option and observe how much available space there is on the device. If you have a lot of space available you may not need to transfer any apps at this time, but if you have a just a little space available, proceed with your micro SD transfer.

– Tap the Back button at the bottom right of your device to return to the previous screen and then access the Application manager option.

– Sort your apps by size by tapping the Menu button then selecting Sort by Size. This will order your apps from largest to smallest file. You probably will want to move some of the largest apps on your device to your micro SD card.

– Select an app that you would like to transfer to your micro SD card and observe whether you will be able to move the app. If the Android operating system does not allow micro SD transfer of an app, the Move to SD card button will be grayed out. If an app is transferable, the button will be bright.

– Tap Move to SD card button and wait for the transfer to complete.

– Move as many apps as you can to your Micro SD card.

Simple as that, you can now save Internal Storage for important apps only because we have seen apps running much faster from internal storage than external micro-sd. Although apps which you hardly use can be shifted easily without thinking about lag. But we do recommend getting CLASS 10 Micro-Sd card, you are also future protected!

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