Learn how to calibrate the battery on your Android device

The biggest problem for Android users is the battery. If the battery starts to let you down it’s time to calibrate it and here are some helpful tips. Before thinking of buying a newer device, you should take into consideration calibrating the battery. What does this mean? Well, the Android OS has a feature called Battery Stats. Here you will find out the battery capacity full or empty. In time this setting will start to show unreal data. Calibrating the battery would correct the data displayed.

There are two methods of calibrating. The first one is installing an application called Current Widget: Battery Monitor. This app will show the charging in milliamps. This feature makes easier the charging for you because you will know when your device is fully charged, when it will reach the total milliampere amount indicated. The second step will be to restart your phone then your battery should function without problems.

The second method is charging the phone being on and after you see that it is fully charged, unplug and turn off your device. Plug it again and let it charge to 100%. After reaches 100% unplug the charger and turn on your phone, plug it again and wait to charge to 100%, also if you have the option to set the screen staying awake, do it. Once charged, unplug and do not plug again until the phone turns itself off with a 0% battery level. Charge it again and it should work. The screen option can be put to normal again.

Another two methods using root access are:

In the first place install the Battery Calibration application and then plug your phone to charge to 100%. After this, open the app and check the number of mV. If the number continues to grow keep your phone plugged to the charger until the numbers stop rising. The next step, restart the device. The new data will be saved by the Battery Calibration app as the maximum capacity.

The second way, search in Advanced section the “wipe battery stats” feature to delete other calibrations made in the past. Next, turn off your phone and fully charge it. After is fully charged turn it on and enter the app. Will appear a button in the center “SuperUser permissions”, accept it. After this will appear a message saying ‘calibration succeeded’. Press OK, unplug your device and shut down the app.

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