Samsung Galaxy S4 – Top Battery Saving Tips and Tricks you need to know!

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Top Battery Saving Tips and Tricks you need to know!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of best Android smartphones out there and has great specifications to look. With battery capacity of around 2600mAh we find it its enough to take out a day easily however if this is not what happening with you then there are surely some tweaks and easy change in settings you can do to save some extra juice which helps you when you need it the most. If your usage is very high and need battery for 1-2 days without charging then you should check out Extended Battery options in our Accessories section which will give you quite a review on which one to go for as per your specific needs and likes.

However this article focuses on basic settings you should do to save the battery from punching out your slim Galaxy S4 with some simple points.


s4 brightness set save battery

Your Galaxy S4 has HD Super AMOLED 1080p display and you love it, but having the brightness at full will eat your battery too fast, this is one of the most important source of eating battery. Keep the battery setting at AUTO and -5 when the ambient lightning is darker, and 0 or +1 when the ambient is brighter so at least you can see what’s on the screen. You might need to increase brightness to full in direct sunlight but we recommend that should be only time when you do.



The in-built Power Saving Mode setting made in Samsung Galaxy S4 helps you in saving some battery of course with sacrifice to the performance of the same. However when you are not gaming or browsing lot of apps or have opened loads of tabs in your internet browser then we suggest you to enable power saving mode and this can be done via quick toggle too by scrolling down the notification area. If you need the CPU Power then untick it and let others be enabled.  Your Galaxy S4 has 8 cores in total (GT-i9500) this option would disable the high powered 4 cores to save battery and instead use the lower clocked processors which take less power.


If you are using lot of Live widgets on your homescreen, they are obviously going to take that juice because A. they’ll keep updating using wifi/3g/4g to give you those latest updates B. some of them have animation on them. Although all this looks FANCY! but we advise you to use only some important widgets like weather etc.


Your smartphone comes with tons of features like Air View, Air Gesture, Smart Stay..Scroll..Pause etc.. All these features work with some sensors enabled on your Galaxy S4 which are constantly on even when you are not using them. We suggest you to disable most of them and enable only if you use them as initially you might but later on some of them I do not find them necessary in daily use. Read here how to do disable and move the quick settings shortcuts which you use the most.

quick toggle notifications


#Fancy again yeah? but hell no we do not advise you to use those live wallpapers if you want to use your smartphone for at least even 6 hours, this will drain your battery very fast. Although it might look but its not made for current capacity batteries. Although you can have custom lock screens using Travel Wallpapers, thanks to S-Travel app.

These were some of the latest tips we could provide till date, however there is much more you can do but doing some essential things without hurting you is utmost important for your Galaxy S4. More Battery Saving Tips can be found here & in our Tips and Tricks sections.

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