Samsung Galaxy S4 Tutorial- Turn It Into An S5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still a terrific device to have, loaded will features that make the overall smartphone experience a total delight. However, you might feel a little jelousy when you see peple walking around with their shiny, new, Galaxy S5. The newest flagship from Samsung brings all the features previously seen on the S4, adding a bunch of new ones on top. If you’re considering tapping into your savings to upgrade to the S5, you might want to check this article first. We’re offering you a guide on how to get some of the features that make the Galaxy S5 cool, directly on your Galaxy S4. That means you can enjoy the features for free, if you already have the S4. All you’ll be needing is root acess on your S4, a root explorer such as ES File Explorer. and a few other files you’re going to download.

Notifications Shade and the Quick Setting Menu

Here what you need to do to get this done. Had to your root explorer, and go into the root folder’s System section. Next, scroll down until you find the file named build.prop. Open it up, and amongst the large amount of information displayed, you need to find the entries named and ro.product.device.  Change them to SM-N900S, sve the changes made, then reboot your phone. Now, the notification shade and quick settings will have the same content and appearance as they do on the Galaxy S5.

The Apps

You can simply go to the XDA Developer’s forum and grab the APK files for the leaked apps that you wish to install on your Galaxy S4. You can simply delete the old bloatware and install new apps since you’re phone is rooted. As long as the Unknown Sources  is enabled in the phone’s security settings, you souldn’t have any problem.

Wallpapers and Icons

These can be acquired by making a quick visit to the Google Play Store. There are several options you can choose from, some more accurate than others, but overall there are Samsung Galaxy S5 icons and wallpapers available, sitting at your disposal.

List View in Settings

This one is a little more difficult than the last one, but still very easy. You can get the Galaxy S5 look for your S4 Settings by going to the XDA Developers forum. From there, you’ll need to download the appropriate APK file, then copy it in your phone, in a specific path. Once you’ve got your APK file, head to the root folder and copy it in the folder named  System/priv-app. Rename the APK to SecSettings2.apk. Once that’s done, you can remove the original SecSettings.apk files, although don’t delete it!. Also delete the SecSettings.odex if it is the case and it is available. Last, reboot your phone.

Now you will have two Settings apps in your app drawer. One is the old one, which takes you to the original Settings menu, while the other one is the S5 menu. It may be a little unstable, but you will still get access to some cool features like Download Booster. Some features like the fingerprint scanner will obviously not work and make the app crash maybe. There is also a Note 3 APK you can repeat the above process with to get a more stable version, as it also works on the S4.




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