Tips to Prevent Battery Draining on Galaxy S4

galaxy s4 batter drain outThe complaint against smartphones regarding short battery life isn’t new, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t any different. But, as every smartphone, the Galaxy S4 is released as the smartest and most high-end phone on the market and that’s why it comes with all the vital, and also unnecessary features enabled causing it to eat up a lot of battery power. Even the monstrous 2600 mAh battery isn’t enough to back up all features enabled Galaxy S4 for 24 hours.

If users don’t change the default settings, they’re sure to experience annoyingly short battery cycle and have to recharge after every few hours. Make these following changes and you’ll experience radical changes very soon.

  • Avoid using wallpapers if possible.
  • Disable mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and other features when not using.
  • Adjust low leveled display brightness.
  • Disable auto syncing
  • Activate the power saving mode.
  • Set shorter screen timeout duration.

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