Tips to Use S-Pen Correctly for Accessing Features of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has added several new S Pen related features in Samsung Galaxy Note 3. These include Air Command Menu by which Galaxy Note 3 users can have access to various features. This menu is activated when S Pen is pulled out from the bottom right of the device. Alternately, user can hover near the button present on the side position of Stylus for activating it.

Here, is how you can use most of the features of the Air Command Menu by using the S Pen correctly-

Galaxy Note 3 Picture Hands on

1. Action Memo

This option allows the user to issue instructions to the device using handwritten notes. S Pen is used for writing such notes. These notes activate various actions. For example, user can write a number and instruct the device to call the number, send a message or add it to contact list.  Likewise, user can instruct the device to search Google Maps for any information.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can interpret the handwriting and complete those actions. However, the device has problems in interpreting bad handwriting.

It is possible to change colors of ink and background in this Action Memo. It is also possible to minimize the memo to thumbnail size, and place it on the home screen. Saved handwritten notes can be retrieved from Action Memo application, which in turn is within the device’s application drawer.

2. Screen Write

This feature is not new, and it facilitates screenshot of the current page. In addition, user can add notes on top of its image using the S Pen. Towards the right of this screen are editing features such as erase, crop, redo and undo. The save, cancel, and share options are also on this side. Towards the top left corner are options for changing color, and pen’s size too.

3. Scrapbooker

This feature enables the user to demarcate anything on screen using the S Pen, and take its screen shot. User can also write notes, add tags, and categorize this image for organizing the content as desired. Relevant images are stored on the device under Pinterest-Scrapbook application.

4. S Finder

This is a search application, equivalent to Apple’s spotlight. Anything on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 device can be searched with it, including contacts, applications, and handwritten notes.

S Finder, though an S Pen feature, can also be used manually, by pressing the Menu button for long.

5. Pen Window

This is a new feature facilitating multitasking in Galaxy Note 3. As of date, the device facilitates simultaneous usage of 8 different applications, i.e., YouTube, browser, contacts, clock, calculator, ChatOn, phone, and Hangouts, in it. User can draw a window on screen using Pen window feature and open any one of those applications in it. It is possible to open more than one such window and use two different applications in them. Window can be resized as desired by clicking on sides or bottom of the window. It can also be moved by dragging on white space above the window box.

6. S Pen Keeper

The S Pen Keeper is another cool addition in Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is worth a mention. It is primarily an alert that warns the user when the smartphone and its stylus, i.e., S Pen are too far from each other. Effectively, stylus would not be lost!

7. Pen.Up

Pen.Up is a social networking feature launched for appreciating S-pen art, and it is available for free download via Google Play Store.

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