Tips and Tricks for the Galaxy S4

If you are a fresh user and new to the whole Galaxy S4 experience, check these tips and tricks to get you started, and make better use of your smart device. By the end of this article you will know how to use multi tasking, Air browse, use the Samsung Hub, and many other things.

Air Features

You can activate the Galaxy S4 air gestures by waving your hand across the device whenever you see the Air Gestures icon in the notification bar. This will activate functions such as Quick Glance ( lets you take a look at the time, battery status, missed calls and others), Air-Scroll (scroll up and down a list by using just your eyes), Air Move  ( move an item on your homescreen, to another homescreen). The air gestures can also accept or reject calls.

Modes for your Camera

The camera on the Galaxy S4 showcased a great performance, as it includes many modes and automatic modes as well. Some of these are Auto,  Best photo, Panorama, Drama, Best face, Eraser,  Rich Tone HDR, Night, Sound and Shot, Beauty face,  Animated Photo or Sports. If you want to see a description for evey particular mode, go into the carousel displayed mode.

Group Play

Group play can create a free hot spot just for you, and the best part is that you don’t even necessarily have to be on the same WiFi connection.


Home Screen Mode Adjustments

The Samsung Galaxy S4  comes with extra help for beginners. While there is no need to change the standard layout of the home screen for some, the new guys to the Samsung Galaxy S4 might get a little confused by all the apps and connectivity options and such, therefore Samsung implemented an Easy mode for the home screen, where the classic layout is replaced. You can change this by going to the Home Screen Mode, available in your Settings, under My Device.

Multi Window

You can activate Multi Window by pressing and holding the Back button on your device, then, from the icon tray that will pop up, select the one you want and drag it on your screen. You can resize one or more apps that you use during your multi tasking sessions, by using the sliders that come with the margins of the display.


WatchON is a cool feature for the Galaxy S4  users. It basically transforms your mobile phone into a remote control. All you need to do to activate this feature is provide your zip code, and your internet service provider, as well as the name of the television you are trying to connect to your phone.

Smart Gestures

Smart Gestures are just as cool as the  Air Gestures. For example, you can cover the front side of the display with your hand to pause or mute every sound. Also, the phone will automatically dial people if you take the device to your  ear while the contact page for that person is on the screen. If you don’t know how to activate the Smart Gestures , go to your Settings page, then go to Motion and gestures.


This  feature supports 9 languages and can be used to easily and quickly translate words or phrases, even by writing them, or saying them out loud, as that function is also available. In case you can’t find your way around and can’t get to the S-Translator menu screen, you should know that it’s as easy as going to Touch Apps-Translator.

 Samsung Hub

Samsung Hub is the result of Samsung combining several Hubs that were previously released individual, such as MusicHub or GameHub. You can find its settings under Touch Apps , and then Samsung Hub. There are plenty of things to do on the Samsung Hub, such as browsing for the latest releases, all sorted on genres, or downloading new content. You can pay for products on the Samsung Hub, but you can also get some for free.


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