Clash of Clans PC Download (Windows 7/8/10) and Install

Supercell’s Clash of Clans for PC is an epic creation which is now available. Playing your favorite game on a small screen was enjoyable, sure, but playing it on a big screen is even better, just like watching a video. Clash of Clans received extremely good feedback after its launch as millions of gamers play the game worldwide. Many players asked developers for a PC release of the game, but nothing was officially confirmed. However, we are here to present you a quick and efficient alternative until an official PC game is released. The bigger screen of a computer only translates to a huge improvement of the gameplay feeling.


Many similar games were released after Clash of Clans. Some of those were obvious clones, some tried to take the experience even further, but no game ever rose up to Clash of Clans’ success. Some similar games are: Miro Clash, Clash Royale, Clash of Lights, Boom beach, and all of those are multiplayer strategy games, featuring remarkably comparable gameplay.

What is new?

  • Siege Machine is now the most destructive weapon available. It’s great for breaking through the toughest defences.
  • Those who want their Town Hall fight back should Upgrade Town Hall 12
  • Always work in a Clan to get valuable Magical items

Download PC version of Clash of Clans

Whenever someone wants to run an Android game on Windows, they first have to download an emulator (Bluestacks is recommended). Using Bluestacks not only takes advantage of the powerful PC hardware to run an Android game, but it also adds various other benefits. The latest Bluestacks version is Bluestacks 4, and it’s extremely reliable.

After you install Bluestacks, login with the same account you use on your smartphone. Open the Google Playstore, search for Clash of Clans and install the game. Now you can play the game with the added perk of using a mouse and keyboard (this adds the benefit of using macros) and having a greater overview thanks to a bigger screen. Enjoy!

Mini Militia Mod v4.3.3 – Apk Download (Pro Pack) and Install

Those who are searching for an online tactical shooting game and looking to train their shooting skills are constantly looking for new mobile games to play, and sometimes they might be a bit disappointed by the results of their search, but the game we will be talking about in this article will surely provide a fresh and adequate experience.

About the game

Mini Militia is one of the top shooting games developed by Miniclip, and its highlights are simple 2D graphics and special gameplay. Players have to shoot their enemy and in order to win the game, they have to eliminate all their rivals. Often, matchmaking can be random (which can either make you feel OP or … less skilled).


Here is a quick list of the most notable features of the game:

  • The game has dual control, which helps control the character up and down. At first, it might feel a bit complex but after just a bit of accommodation, it will feel just right.
  • Being an online game, players have the option to team up in the co-op mode.
  • There’s an array of unique weapons, machine guns and various other killing instruments.
  • Players can customize the look of their avatar.
  • Mini Militia has three modes: co-op, training and survival. There sure is one game mode that you will enjoy playing.

What is new in the Mini Militia mod apk

  • The mod adds some features free of charge:
  • Unlocking each item for free
  • Players can access all the weapons that aren’t available in the online play mode.
  • New skins are unlocked.
  • No reload is needed (infinite ammo).
  • New maps were added

Installing the apk mod

Accessing the original version of the game is doable via the Google Playstore. In order to install the apk version of the game, players have to visit a third-party store (up to their choice, just a Google search away), download the apk for the game, go to their phone’s settings tab > security > unknown sources and then enable unknown sources. After this, installing the previously downloaded apk is possible and then gamers can simply open it and enjoy playing. Game on!

Madden 20 Patch 1.9 Notes – Latest Superstar Abilities

A huge new patch for Madden 20 was released on all platforms, and this could be the greatest game-changing patch fans of the series have seen in a long while. Here are some details about the patch:

O-Lineman have superstar abilities now

When the Superstar Abilities notion was introduced before the release, the fans were wondering where the O-Linemen were, and thankfully, those will be receiving the boost that they truly deserve, and this might potentially make them way more valuable for teams in every mode.

O-Linemen were added the following traits:

  • Edge Protector – it reduces the chance of success of an edge pass rusher
  • Post Up – this skill improves blocker’s ability to hold double team blocks (both run and pass)
  • Run Block Elite – allows holding blocks for a longer duration when run blocking
  • Pass Block Elite – allows holding blocks for a longer duration when pass blocking
  • Zone Blocker – Holds blocks for a longer time on zone-blocked run plays
  • Power Blocker – Holds blocks longer when gap-blocking

These were some highlights, but the list can go on.

The O-Line will receive another option for slowing down the defense, in the form of a new double-team mechanic. From the play menu, gamers can now target a specific pass rusher to double team. This can be done by opening the Pass Protection menu and selecting the bottom option: “Double Team”. This is replacing the Pinch Adjustment mechanic, which has been removed globally. After accessing this tab, there will be a “D2” indicator that players can move around with the left stick, and the lock-in their double team target.

Philo TV Features and Improvements – Food Network, Nickelodeon, AMC, and HGTV

No one can successfully contest the benefits of online streaming. Especially when compared to satellite TV subscriptions that used to be the big thing a couple of decades ago. There is usually more content online, it’s usually on-demand, and it’s usually more relevant to your needs.

However, online content streaming may cost you a little more when you add up the internet and the subscription to the streaming platform. But what type of household chooses not to have internet anyway? It is still a basic need at this point to run your PC and your phone. As well as half a dozen other devices you may have around your house.

Philo business model

The challenge that online streaming services have is to cut down on some forms of content to minimize the monthly subscription. Philo, for example, has cut down one sports packages to provide other forms of entertainment for a price tag that is under $20.

Some users may have experienced this service through the Philo app that was available on Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. But the company soon realized that it is limiting its users by sticking with just a couple of platforms.

Philo TV is pretty similar to the dozens of other services out there but it is a little different. The service could be described as minimalist as it has cut channels that you can find on other platforms to cut user expenses.

The service is known for its focus on lifestyle programming. There are shows available from Discovery, Comedy Central, and MTV, to name a few.

Philo TV service

No big network programming here, as big dogs like CBS, NBC, and ESPN charge a whole lot for their shows and sporting events. No big news providers either but there are a couple of options to get informed.

You get stuff like the Food Network, Nickelodeon, AMC, and HGTV. Philo TV gives the user a niche bundle of channels for the $20 monthly price tag. There is a $16 dollar option as well that gives you a more than a decent chunk of lifestyle shows and documentaries.

The new Chapter for Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things will be here very soon

We have written this article because we have some great news for Stranger Things fans who are also loving games. Demogorgon will be soon a character in Dead by Daylight. We’ll tell you all you need to know about it, so keep reading if you’re interested in finding out more details.

We all can’t wait to see what will happen in the fourth season of Stranger Things, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a while before its release.

Dead by Daylight had a great idea that will make Stranger Things fans happy

Fortunately, we have some great news for you. Dead by Daylight came up with a great idea when the developers decided to introduce Demogorgon as an actual character in the game.

The announcement was made today. As we expected, Demogorgon will be able to hunt survivors.

What will Dead by Daylight bring new?

We have for you all the changes that will be made in the new Dead by Daylight and we would like to share them with you.

First, there will be a lot of new characters. The new Killer will be Demogorgon and the new survivors are Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. When it comes to the map, we think that you’ll be pretty familiar with it.

Something really cool will be the new level inspired by The Underground Complex that you were able to see on the first season of Stranger Things.

If that’s not enough, these updates will be available on PC and consoles starting next month. We’re very excited because the new release it’s around the corner.

That’s all we had for you on the new Chapter for Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things. We’ll report back as soon as we have more details about it. We hope that we made you curious and that you will try the new version of the game.