A Pay What You Want Deal for Microsoft Office 2019 Courses is On​

A new ‘Pay What You Want’ deal you might want to acquire is available for five online courses incorporating a 74-hour bundle. The great deal has a limited time, and it teaches you how to use Microsoft Office 2019.

The courses will teach you basic and also advanced information on the best way to use the popular Microsoft bundle that includes Word, Excel, Office, PowerPoint, and so on. You can become a Pro in using the world’s leading Office software by purchasing this great deal.

What’s The Deal About

This deal has a mixed value of $250, but with the Pay What You Want bundles, you can get this incredible deal for as little as you want to pay. You will also be able to get all of the courses by winning over the average price of the pack and receive a fully upgraded version of the set.

If you pay the total value of $250, you will get to enter the StackCommerce leaderboard and will have access to various bonuses, such as entries into numerous giveaways, and more benefits. Exam vouchers are not included, though.

Bundled Courses

Here are the bundled courses the deal offers, which you can purchase with the Pay What You Want.

  • Microsoft Excel Course
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Course
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Course
  • Microsoft Outlook Course
  • Microsoft Word Course

Pay What You Want, even as little as $1 for the Microsoft Word Course, an unlocked item that helps you get familiar with the world’s premiere Word processor.

The Microsoft Excel Course and the Advanced Microsoft​ Excel Course along with the rest of the courses we are going to further detail can be purchased if you beat the average price. The regular Microsoft​ Excel Course offers a 32-hour deep dive into everything related to Excel and teaches you how to use it for your advantage. The Advanced version of the course helps you automate your spreadsheets and simplify large amounts of data with a ​16-hour dive into everything Excel.

The Microsoft​ PowerPoint Course helps you impress and engage your spectators with a lot of useful PowerPoint tips and tricks.

Finally, the Microsoft ​Outlook Course allows you to be more productive without losing time by understanding how to operate the amazing email platform.

Complete Evaluation Of The Endpoint Security Market

Recently, a complex research study on Endpoint Security market has been published on MarketStudyReport.com. The paper offers precious information about the development of the market, regarding size and growing trends over the forecast timeline. Key values are analyzed in terms of driving factors, growth strategies, and demand landscape.

The report includes a deep evaluation of the industry, containing a basic overview of the Endpoint Security market. Even more, the study offers a summary of important data about the regional scope of the industry.

According to the study, the companies Symantec Corporation, Intel Security (McAfee), Trend Micro Incorporated, AVG Technologies, Sophos Ltd, Kaspersky Labs, F-Secure, Eset, Panda Security, and Bitdefender are included in the competitive grounds of the Endpoint Security market.

The industry is classified in several categories, including Anti-Virus, Antispyware/Antimalware, Firewall, Endpoint Device Control, Intrusion Prevention, and Endpoint Application Control.

Details regarding the market share accrued by each product type segment, the remuneration they hold in the industry, and the production growth information have been enlisted in the report.

Other crucial details provided are the market concentration rate and raw material production, which are both important aspects of the industry. A list of the latest price trends is also included, alongside a complex evaluation of marketing strategies, positioning, and development.

Even more, the article presents information about the suppliers and distributors, manufacturing cost structure and downstream buyers.

If you want to get a closer look at the report, you can do so by following this link: https://www.marketstudyreport.com/reports/global-endpoint-security-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025.

Google Pixel 4 News and Rumors – General Build and Price

There are a lot of expectations with the upcoming flagship smartphone from Google. People are saying the Pixel 4 will really break down the walls of how a phone operates. But despite the glowing prediction, there is no evidence to confirm whether the Pixel 4 will stand out from the crowd or not. Not to mention if it will change the smartphone game as some say.

Pixel 4 release date

The Samsung S lineup has seen a lot of activity compared to the Pixel devices. October is the likely month for the Pixel 4 showcase and release. We base this on the noise we have heard about the phone’s development as well as it lining up with previous Pixel releases in the same month.

Pixel 4 general build

  • Increased screen sizes
  • Two-tone rear paint job
  • Decrease in bezel size
  • Dual front camera
  • Single rear-mounted camera
  • Software improvements for the cameras
  • Increase in RAM and storage
  • Lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Lack of a micro SD card slot
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU
  • Android 10

Pixel 4 essentials

Price. There haven’t been any leaks concerning the price of the Pixel 4 so far. The issue is that manufacturers are cramming more expensive components into these devices and are also expecting higher profit margins. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL were launched with a price of $799 and $899 respectively. Expect the Pixel 4 and 4 XL to cost at least 100 or 200 more.

Design. Some design elements from the Galaxy S10 might be incorporated on the Pixel 4. The device may come with a deep notch and a punch-hole cutout for the front camera. Manufacturers are reducing the bezel size, so it would be kind of safe to expect that.

Reaching 100 percent screen to body ratio is the end goal for all phones. That seems to be the principal design orientation, probably the only one. The basic expectation from users is a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED Quad HD screen. It would be interesting to see if Samsung can top that.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Available with Mod Support Soon

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a popular action video game that came out in 2018. Deep Silver published the game, while Warhorse Studios developed it. Kingdom Come: Deliverance was launched for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. The action takes place in a medieval kingdom named Boemia, and it has a strong influence on historical events surrounding the Roman Empire.

After its release, the game gained a good amount of popularity pretty fast. However, the game lacked a few features that players began to complain about. Fortunately, it seems that now the developers wish to fix those issues, so fans will have an enhanced experience while playing their game.

When the Kingdom Come was first released, many believed there was room for improvement. So modders began working on ways to make the gameplay better. First of all, in the original version of the game, you had to go to sleep in order to save your progress, but a mod fixed that, allowing players to save whenever they wished. More and more mods began to surface, so players started to get accustomed to them, and most of them can’t imagine playing the simple game now.

Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, one of the faces of the project, recently divulged some of the future plans for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. According to him, the developer team is now working on introducing mod support for the game. He grants that mod support for the PC version will surely make its way into the game, but we will have to wait and see what developments can be made for the console version of the game.

Even more, Stolz-Zwilling hinted a possible sequel during the interview. He stated that the main engine of the game would not be changed .”We have done so much with the engine that we fear that changing it would mean starting from the beginning,” he said.

Xbox Scarlett Latest Leaks – What We Know So Far

Xbox Scarlett is shaping up to be a great gaming console, but the device is already surrounded by rumors.

Some sources argued that Microsoft was working on a cloud-reliant console, where the hardware would have acted as a middleman between the TV and upcoming streaming service which is being developed by Microsoft. This rumor has been debunked by the Redmond company.

Project xCloud is being tested, and E3 2019 attendants had the opportunity to try the service at the location. It seems that it is limited to the Android platform for now, but the situation could change in the future if the service manages to gather the interest of enough customers.

A disc-less Xbox One has been released in May, and it is likely that a similar Xbox Scarlett version will be available along with the regular model.

The upcoming console will remain the flagship of the gaming division, and the tech giant is hard at work when it comes to development. The Play Anywhere functionality which allows customers to purchase a compatible title and play on both the Xbox One and the PC could play an important role for the popularity of the future model as the increased power could make it more attractive for PC owners.

Many details remain elusive. Microsoft has released promotional videos which mention that Xbox Scarlett is up to four times as powerful in comparison to the Xbox One, which is the most powerful console on the market at this point.

The head of the Xbox division has also stated that gaming is the primary focus during the development process, a welcome change after the Xbox One tried to be an all-in-device.  When it comes to hardware, the console will use custom parts developed by AMD an advanced SSD which should improve performance while also decreasing loading times.

Halo Infinite will be the first launch title, and the device will be backward-compatible with older generations.