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Best Pokemon Go Hacks Every Trainer Needs to Know

Can you believe it? Pokemon Go has been around for almost a year. It seems like only yesterday kids and adults alike were flooding city parks and other public spaces where some highly coveted Pokemon was nesting. It’s no secret: last summer, everyone wanted to catch ‘em all. Some nests were even ripe with funny glitches, such as positioning various ... Read More »

Facts and History of GPS Systems

The Global Positioning System or GPS is a technology that monitors your place on earth by using a a satellite which sends a signal to a GPS device to keep track of where you are on the GPS map. A GPS unit is a great way to get somewhere you have not been before. GPS (Global Positioning System) is the ... Read More »

Verizon Wireless vs AT&T 4G LTE Ad Campaign War

Verizon Wireless and AT&T are locked in a war over who has the largest 4G coverage in the sense that “largest 4g coverage” is or should be the main reason for consumers to choose an operator or another. They are both good in different service plans so choose wisely. Verizon and AT&T are the main US carriers to offer 4G ... Read More »

Samsung ATIV Book 7 with Ivy Bridge

There are just so many manufacturers that are coming up with new devices with Ivy Bridge inside even though the more power efficient Haswell will be announced in the coming weeks. Regardless, the Samsung ATIV Book 7 is certainly a good laptop to look at. What used to be called the Series 7 Ultra is now being called the ATIV ... Read More »

With Beats, Apple is going to create its first Android app

It is said that Apple work with Beats on a brand new paid streaming service that will be a fierce rival for Spotify and others. Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac reliable received some information from insiders that are familiar with the Apple music plans. Apple doesn’t want to use the Beats app that is already existed, but it wants to develop a ... Read More »

Note 4 Update: CyanogenMod ROM Released for Sprint & T-Mobile

Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will receive from T-Mobile and Sprint networks the official CyanogenMod ROM. The U.S. carriers will roll the update for all Galaxy Note 4 devices that are on those networks. CyanogenMod for Sprint and T-Mobile Note 4 models Because is very flexible, Android has an advantage over others operating systems all over the world. Thanks ... Read More »

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