Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 – The Story

There was a time when simulator games were not as common as they are today. You could find a number of flight simulator, some city building simulators and that was about it. Fast forwarding to 2014 however, you will find a simulator for basically anything that you can imagine. Want to be a doctor? There is a doctor simulator. Want to become an astronaut? We got a simulator just waiting for you. Joining America’s army in its quest for world peace? Yes, they have simulated that as well!

But what about a simulator for the exciting world of car repairs? Introducing Car Mechanic Simulator 2014. This latest release from PlayWay was released just recently but already enjoys a lot of success. Even if you are not a mechanic and you don’t know anything about cars, it offers enough information to keep you entertained while performing its various missions.Car-Mechanic-Simulator-2014

From a graphical standpoint the games sports a nice, colorful, simple menu that is easy to understand. No hidden options or a lot of screens to choose from! Gameplay options are as follow: you can choose to go for the Career option which gets you started with a small repair shop and has you climbing the ladder by performing various jobs or the Endless mode which is basically the same thing but it never ends.

The game looks great: there are a lot of cars to be repaired, each modeled in great detail after its real life counterpart. Muscle cars, compact cars, luxury cars, you name it they have it! Fixing the car involves inspecting certain areas parts of it and choosing the right tool for the job. And just like any mechanic, after the deed is done you can take it for a test drive in the back of your repair shop in order to see how well it handles and if your work was up to par with the client’s expectations.

For a car mechanic simulation the game is quite entertaining and will keep you interested for a longer period of time than you first imagined. Especially if you play it on the tram when being on your way to work.

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