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As we have already previously mentioned Cometdocs and PDF to Word mobile app converter in one of our earlier articles, it’s only fair that we update you on the progress they have made since then. Since the moment we published that article, they have worked long hours, day after day to bring us new and better tech gems. Today, we will be talking about the localization of several Cometdocs mobile apps, the potential behind OCR conversion apps and what is the future of mobile app data management.

What is app localization and why do it?

App localization is a very important thing to have in mind when trying to expand your reach and fan base. Having an app in English is great, because it’s one of the most common languages, and most used in the world of tech. However, having an app that can work in different languages is as important as having it in English. As the trend of owning mobile phones and tablets spreads to Asia with immense speed, so does the demand for apps localized to the Asian market grow as well. It is of the utmost importance to have your app translated into at least some of the more popular languages such as Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Indonesian, etc.

Another reason why localizing Android apps is a great idea is the fact that most Android users aren’t from the US. Only a small portion of Android users are from the US. Other bigger segments belong to China, Australia, and several other major countries (with the exception of Japan which favors iOS), meaning that the potential to spread to these countries is huge.

Cometdocs has localized 7 of their apps in the last couple updates, making it so that their best converters are now available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Indonesian, and Japanese as well. This opens up several big markets, mainly central and south America, and most of Europe.

OCR apps and what’s next?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a type of technology that has been developed over the last 10 years or so with moderate success here and there. Google defines it as “the recognition of printed or written text characters by a computer.” but it comes down to this – OCR is a tool for converting printed or image-based files into digitally recognizable files that you can edit.

Two of their more notable OCR apps are Image to Word and Image to Excel — a prime example of what OCR apps do and the way they work. These apps are perfect for converting text-rich and sheet-based images, respectively. Combining the power of the industry leading OCR engine, with the impressive speed at which conversion is done, Cometdocs has once again outdone themselves.

Image to Word is available on iOS as well

Future of data management?

It is becoming more and more obvious that the future of data management is not at risk. It is also safe to say that data management has found its place in the world of mobile apps with cloud services becoming more and more integrated into them.

Cometdocs seemingly does not lack the audacity to make the next step, as there have been rumors of some kind of a universal mobile app converter undergoing development. However, at this point those are just rumors as we don’t have the sufficient information directly from the source. We can only hope to find out more in the upcoming months so make sure you are following the Cometdocs blog and social media. As of now, all we know is that they have shown to be persistent and successful, so give them a couple of months and in the meantime make sure you try out their new line of OCR apps and let us know what you think!

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